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[Feature] Lining Up for Sweets! Mogamigawa Senbon Dango


Hi, it’s Naomi Sato the writer.

It’s almost April, and the cherry blossom season will come soon.
Due to the effect of mild winter this year, the cherry blossoms in Yamagata prefecture are expected to bloom almost one week earlier than usual.

One of the essential items for cherry blossom viewing is a dango.

In Yamagata, you can enjoy delicious mochi rice cakes and dango dumplings in various parts of the prefecture, but the most famous shop of all is probably the Mogamigawa Senbon Dango in Oishida Town.

This time, I would like to introduce the taste and charm of the dangos, as well as how to purchase them.


★ Additive-free dango - the best-before date is "only on the day"

Every sweets enthusiast in Yamagata knows about the Mogamigawa Senbon Dango shop.

It is said that the name of the shop comes from the fact that one day they sold over 1,000 dango (or senbon in Japanese).

It is run by the local Yokocho Tofu Shop, which is known in Oishida for also making dango.

Since the dangos are made with the traditional additive-free manufacturing method, the best-before date is “only on the day”.

“Safe and secure to eat”
“No cheating”

Such a basic philosophy was stated on the signboard of the shop.

I was impressed with the rich ingredients and food, and the willingness to be sincere is the secret to making delicious dango.


★ Lining-up in the morning! How to get these popular dango...


The store is open from 8:30 am regardless of the day of the week.

The day I went was a mid-day of consecutive holidays, so there was already a long line before 9 o’clock.

Since it is necessary to line up outside the shop, be sure to be dressed accordingly depending on the weather.


While I was in line, I had the opportunity to actually see the kitchen.

The shop assistants face down and work silently, and there are many dango in their hands.

With a serious look and careful handling, it seems that their feelings involved in making the dango are clearly conveyed.

★ From classics to seasonal products... What is the most popular item?

Here is the dango dumpling made with such devotion.


The classic “soy sauce”, “sesame”, and “red bean paste” are of course popular, but among them, the “Zunda Dango” has a lot of fans, and it is said to be the number one seller!


In addition,there are different flavors released each season.

Since it was spring, dumplings with cute appearance such as white bean jam x strawberry “Ichigo-chan” were lined up!



In addition, “Ichigokun” has koshian and strawberries, while “Sakura An Dango” is a perfect match for the cherry blossom viewing season. Both will be added to the menu in early March.

Unfortunately, there are some products that you cannot take home, but most of them can be brought back in packs.



I chose the “da dacha mame no zunda dango,” a classic with dadacha beans famous in Yamagata, and the seasonal “ichigo-chan.”

As you can see, even with just two, there are plenty of toppings, such volume!

The sweet and sour cake and the bean texture were soothing, both of which were delicious.

In the winter, it seems that they sell “Matcha Yukimi Dango,” which is rich in matcha and fresh cream, and “Oshiruko,” which includes dumplings.

I want to visit many times throughout the four seasons.

★ Access method & reservation


The Mogamigawa Senbon Dango shop is about an hour’s drive from Yamagata City, heading north on Route 13.

The shop has a large parking lot for about 40 ordinary cars and 2 large sightseeing buses.

During holidays there is a risk that the parking fills up quickly, so we recommend getting there a little early.

When using JR, get off at Oishida Station and walk for about 15 minutes.

Oishida is also famous for producing soba, so be sure to check it out as well.

By the way, Oishida Station is also a stop on the Yamagata Shinkansen bullet train line.



Detailed information

Mogamigawa Senbon Dango

Mogamigawa Senbon Dango

76 Oishida Oto, Oishida Town, Yamagata Prefecture


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