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[Feature] Fun for the summer! Sunflower Maze in Nakayama Town


The sunflower maze has opened again this year in Nakayama Town, Yamagata Prefecture!

Many sunflowers grown to a height of about 2 meters to entertain the visitors (^-^)

In 2019 it opened on July 18, and I soon after went with my family.

This article introduces basic information about the sunflower maze in Nakayama Town.

Please refer to it (^-^)

1. Sunflower maze


The maze in Nakayama Town is made of sunflowers boasting an area of 50 ares.

It was first built in 2017 when a student from the Nagasaki Elementary School made such proposal to the town mayor.

Sunflowers with a height of 2 meters are planted at high density, so even adults cannot see over it.

By the way, sunflowers are also the flowers of the town of Nakayama, and you can see them everywhere in the town.

Produced by: Toyota Soybean Conversion Association
Cooperation: Nagasaki Elementary School, Nakayama Construction Doyukai, Nakayama Town Tourism Association

2. How to enjoy the maze

Here, I would like to introduce a recommended way to personally enjoy the sunflower maze.

① Looking for butterflies and bees in a childish mood

When you visit sunflower maze, be sure to crouch down and look at your child’s eyes level.


For children, the maze surrounded by sunflowers that are more than double their height is a treasure chest of excitement!

Why are you laughing? I was running around (laughs)


I couldn’t take a picture, but butterflies were flying flutteringly.

My eldest son, who has recently begun to be interested in insects, was very excited!

It is also recommended to explore the maze while looking for insects (^-^)

② Observatory near the goal

Near the goal is an observatory overlooking the sunflower maze.


This is the scenery from the observatory.


It will be the best photo with all the sunflowers facing you (^-^)

③ On the way back, meet the sunflowers

Personally, I recommended the way back rather than going.

Sunflowers face east in the morning and west in the evening, chasing the sun throughout the day, but those that have entered the mature stage face east.

Many of the sunflowers in the maze have entered the maturity stage, and when viewed from the entrance on the west side, all the sunflowers are facing away as shown in this photo.


* What you can see in the back is Uzen Nagasaki Station.

But that means that all the sunflowers are facing you on your way home!

Here is the view of the way back!


It’s just like summer!


3. Coming by train

The sunflower maze is just west of the Uzen Nagasaki Station on the JR Aterazawa Line.

It’s really about a minute on foot from there.

I don’t think there are many opportunities for families to take the train in Yamagata, but this is one of them (^-^).

The station itself is a little higher than the sunflower maze, so you can see a nice view from there too.

4. Cautions

① Precautions signboard

Precautions when entering the sunflower maze were posted near it.

1. You shall solely be responsible for any troubles, accidents, injuries, loss, etc., on the premises.
2. Please note that there are waterways on the west and east sides of the sunflower maze (near the Uzen Nagasaki Station platform).
3. Please take back your garbage with you.
4. Please refrain from entering or parking your vehicle on the farm roads.


➁ Points to note when in the maze

This time we went when the rainy season was not yet over so at some places the ground was muddy as you can see (^^;)


The whole family went with sandals, which afterwards made a mess in our car.

After rain or when the weather is uncertain, it is recommended to prepare boots and a different set of clothes for children.

Also, because it is in the great outdoors, there are quite a few insects.

Bees are unlikely to sting you, but please be careful.

On sunny days, you will have to walk a reasonable distance under the scorching sun.

Please be careful about heat stroke so make sure to take measures such as having hats and proper hydration.

5. Basic information

① Hours

We recommend bright and sunny hours during the day

② Access & Parking Lot

The maze is located near the west exit of the Uzen Nagasaki Station on the JR Aterazawa line.

Please note that if you are arriving by car, you will need to take a detour and cross the railroad crossing from the east exit.

Parking is available at Uzen Nagasaki Station but it can be very crowded depending on the time of day while the maze is open.

6. Summary


In this article, I introduced the sunflower maze, which opens every summer on the west side of the JR Uzen Nagasaki Station in Nakayama Town, Yamagata Prefecture.

・ A full-scale maze with sunflowers over 2 meters spread over 50 ares
・ A sense of scale that even children can easily enjoy
・ Recommended to enjoy from a child’s perspective
・ Prepare boots after rain or when it rains
・ Be careful of insects and dehydration
・ Beautiful on the way back too

It is a sightseeing spot that you can easily enjoy, so please come and visit suring summer.

Detailed information

Uzen Nagasaki Station

Uzen Nagasaki Station

Nagasaki, Nakayama Town, Yamagata Prefecture

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