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You can try apple picking at this oorchard.Kosaku Apple Orchard

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    Mr. Sato, the owner of the orchard

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    Apple picking experience is also possible

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Kosaku Apple Orchard is located in the Wagodaira area of Asahi Town, a famous apple-producing area.
It is  birthplace of the bag-less Mutai Fuji apple, delicious for its perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.
You can try apple picking here!

Apple Picking! Kosaku Orchard in Asahi Town!”]

Apple picking Activity

Recommended pointsRecommended points

Recommended points

Asahi Town, Yamagata Prefecture is the birthplace of the bag-less Mutai Fuji apple

Traditionally, Fuji apples are grown covered in a bag to improve their coloring. The bag-less Murai Fuji apple on the othre hand are grown by repeatedly performing steady work such as devising the shape of the tree and turning the apples. By doing so they have an increased sweetness and moderate acidity, bringing out an unprecedented taste that is truly exquisite!

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Wagodaira is an environment blessed for apple cultivation

Asahi Town is located in the center of Yamagata Prefecture, at the foot of the Asahi mountain range to the west, the Zao Mountains to the east, and Mt. Gassan to the north. The Wagodaira area is located at an altitude of about 250 meters and experiences a large temperature difference between morning and evening compared to the flat land. It is said that this temperature difference tightens the apples, and the cooling before the harvest advances the fruits' maturity at once. In addition, the clay soil of Wagodaira gives its apples a unique texture with a pleasant crispness and deep richness.

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Fuji apple with honey

Bag-less Mutai Fuji apples are a variety where rich watercore, called "honey" in Japanese, easily develops. As it is said to be a proof of ripeness, apples with plenty of this "honey" have a refreshing sweetness and are very popular. * The presence and amount of honey varies depending on the apples and harvest time.

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Unmanned direct sales office

There is an unmanned direct sales office outside where you can buy freshly picked apples from the orchard at a reasonable price. Small-sized and discolored apples are sold at a bargain price.

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Apple picking experience

In the field of Kosaku Apple Orchard, you can enjoy apple picking ★ With 3 apples souvenir ★ [Adult] (junior high school student and above) 800 yen (tax included) / person [Child] (elementary school student) 500 yen (tax included) / person [Preschooler] Free (souvenirs not included)

Basic information

Kosaku Apple Orchard

7 Wagodaira, Asahi Town, Yamagata Prefecture


About 40 minutes by car from Yamagata Station

Tohoku Expressway ⇒ Murata JCT ⇒ Yamagata Expressway ⇒ Sagae IC (smart IC is also possible) ⇒ Take National Highway 287 toward Nagai and turn left when you see the sign for Wagodaira (There is also a sign that says “Bag-less Mutai Fuji apple’s birthplace”)

If you use the car navigation system to search by our address or phone number, the route via Prefectural Route 143 may be displayed depending on the place of departure. This road is a prefectural road, but it is not recommended because there are some very narrow parts (not to pass by oncoming vehicles).
It may not be displayed in the car navigation system, but it is recommended that the route from National Highway 287 to Wagodaira (commonly known as the Apple Line) has a sufficient width to pass by oncoming vehicles.

Parking lot


Early June to mid-December

Irregular holidays
* Contact Kosaku Apple Orchard directly
* Basically, it will be open from mid-November to mid-December.

■ Apple picking
10:00~15:00 (last entrance at 14:00)

Mid-October to late November
* However, it will be closed in early November due to the change of variety.

Irregular holidays
* Usually it is open from mid-November to mid-December.
* Opening hours and days may be different due to COVID-19. Please inquire directly with the orchard before visiting.

Official site
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Apple picking experience
* Usually from early October to late November

[Experience fee]
Large person: 800 yen * Junior high school students and above
Elementary school students: 500 yen Preschoolers: Free
* In addition to being able to bite on the spot, you can take out 3 apples as a souvenir.

[Types of apples]
Shinano Sweet: Early October to Mid-October Bagless Fuji apple: Mid-November to Late November

apple picking Activities

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