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[Feature] Strawberry Farm! Pick strawberries in Sagae


“We can enjoy strawberry picking in Yamagata!?”

After hearing such rumors, I immediately went to Sagae City for research.

No way families can enjoy strawberry picking in winter in Yamagata (>-<)

But, there are two farms where you can experience strawberry picking in Sagae City, “Strawberry Farm” and “Ichigo Garden.”

This time, I visited “Strawberry Farm”, but “Ichigo Garden” can also be visited to enjoy strawberry picking.
* For details, see “Reservations” at the bottom of this article.

In this article, we report on strawberry picking that can be enjoyed in Yamagata with children.

We will also introduce the points to enjoy strawberry picking more, so please refer to them (^-^)

1. What is Strawberry Farm?

It is a strawberry farm for sightseeing in Sagae City, Yamagata Prefecture. 

Every year, from mid-December to late May, there are many strawberry fruits that emit a sweet fragrance. 


Excellent access in a good location 500 meters from the Sagae IC of the Yamagata Expressway!

Strawberry Farm grows their strawberries on elevated planters so you can enjoy picking them in a standing position without bending down.

As we will see later, children will have the bright red strawberries right in front of them (≧-≦)

The children were also very excited.

It is also recommended to pick strawberries all over the greenhouse!

You can plan your schedule without worrying about the weather for rain or snow (^-^)

2. Come on! Experience strawberry picking!

As you pass through the entrance, there is a reception at the back of the right side, so you must first proceed there.


After registering, you will meet the long-awaited strawberries! ! !


From the moment I stepped into the strawberry house, the scent was amazing (> _ <)

The children suddenly became excited to the MAX.

“Can we eat all of it now?”

Then cute screams (laughs)

Anyway, it’s a dreamy sight.


Freshly picked strawberries.


The sweet scent gently passes through the nose from the moment you take a bite!

And the sweetness and sourness pops with a crunchy texture…

It is the top of luxury!

You can also take photos that look great on Instagram (^-^)


This time, “Akihime” and “Oi C berry” were in season, so I tried comparing them for the first time, and the taste and texture were amazingly different!

I introduced a report of cherry-picking before, but it is also a great attraction of fruit picking that you can eat and compare different varieties (^-^)

Detailed information

[Activity] Luxury cherry-picking Yamagata! Osho Orchard in Tendo

[Activity] Luxury cherry-picking Yamagata! Osho Orchard in Tendo

At Strawberry Farm, the system is basically all-you-can-eat strawberries for 30 minutes.​ ​

Does it end quickly in the beginning? I thought so, but my stomach swelled unexpectedly in about 15 minutes.

I think you can fully enjoy it in 30 minutes (^-^)

3. Strawberry Farm types and features

Strawberry Farm grows 50,000 strawberries on a vast land of over 4,560 meter square.

There are five varieties of strawberries in total.

The number that can be enjoyed at once varies with the seasons, but I would like to briefly introduce each feature (^-^)

➀ Tochiotome
It is a standard product of East Japan with an exquisite balance of acidity and sweetness with rich aroma.
It is characterized by a good balance of dark red, rich sweetness with high sugar content and gentle acidity.
It has a strong popularity and has the No. 1 share in East Japan.

② Yayoi Hime
It has a large and thin red appearance.
It is a variety that has a firm fruit and a good balance of sweetness and sourness.
It has excellent shelf life.

③ Akihime
Akihime has a stylish look.
It is characterized by low sourness and strong sweetness.
The flesh is also soft, so even children who are not good with acidity can enjoy it.

④ Beni Hoppe
It is named after its red pulp and the fact that it is so sweet that your cheeks will fall off.
The sweetness and sourness are strong, and the strawberry’s original sweet and sour taste is characteristic.
It has a rich body and a juicy appeal.
Isn’t there a popular variety that many have heard of the name?

⑤ Oi C Berry
A relatively new variety registered in 2012.
The most characteristic is the content of vitamin C!
It seems that seven strawberries can supplement the daily intake (^-^)
It also has a high sugar content and a strong sweetness.

4. Points for enjoying strawberry picking

① Fully red = ready

Within the greenhouse, there are still various degrees of maturity, from small green fruits to ripe red fruits.

This seems to be a way to provide fresh strawberries at any time.

There are easy-to-understand photo guides for eating strawberries, so let’s get sweet strawberries while referring to them (^-^)


② Characteristics of strawberries

At Strawberry Farm you can enjoy several varieties of strawberries.

I never actually compared eating strawberries, but the taste is really amazing depending on the variety!

Please try them (^-^)

It is recommended to find strawberries ready to be eaten with children.

③ Is it OK for small children?

We were able to go even with small children without problem (^-^)

Please see here.


Strawberry Farm grows their strawberries on elevated planters, so strawberries are in places that are just right for children.

If the fruit is high, children may not be able to reach it and may need a hug or to use a stepladder.

Stepladders can be dangerous depending on your age (> _ <)

Parents and children should be able to enjoy this perfect activity without risks too.

Also, from the child’s perspective, there are many bright red strawberries hanging in front of them.


I was running around for bright red strawberries to eat (^-^)

5. Notes on picking strawberries

① Strawberry picking

With strawberries, it is difficult to pick them while holding them.

However, there is a point that can be easily broken just above the stake, so it is important to tilt it to the left and right to easily pick the fruit up.


Depending on the varieties, the fruits may be crushed softly, so first ask the person in charge for tips (^-^)

② Comfortable clothes and shoes

Women should avoid heels and skirts and participate in easy-to-move clothing such as sneakers and pants, as there are some areas in the parking lot and the greenhouse that have a little bad footing.

Strawberry juice is hard to remove when it gets on your clothes, so choose your clothes carefully to enjoy this activity without worrying.

③ Stems in the cup

Paper cups will be distributed at the entrance.


Please put the stems here after eating.

Buckets are also provided near the entrance of the greenhouse, so you can transfer them here when your paper cup is full.

④ Watch out for bees

Bees for strawberry crossing are flying in the greenhouse.


It is said that they rarely harm people, but please be careful not to irritate them.

6. Sale of strawberries and specialty products

Near the reception, they also sell freshly picked strawberries from the greenhouse.


It is strictly forbidden to take home strawberries harvested in the greenhouse but you can purchase some here.

In addition, there is homemade strawberry jam containing no additives,


You can also find traditional and fresh vegetables.


7. Reservations

It is basically a reservation system.

Reservations are made at the Sakurambo Hall (within JA Sagae Nishimurayama), and they will introduce and arrange the visit at a farm where you can pick strawberries!

This time, I visited “Strawberry Farm,” but you can also enjoy strawberry picking at “Ichigo Garden” too. (^-^)

Please note that the number of groups from overseas is increasing so visits may not be available without advance reservations.

* In addition to telephone reservations, online reservations are also possible.
* Please refer to the detailed information below.

↓  ↓  ↓

Detailed information

Sagae strawberry picking

Sagae strawberry picking

0237-86-1811 [Reservation hours: 9:00~17:00]0237-86-1811 [Reservation hours: 9:00~17:00]

8. Conclusion

In this article, we have introduced a strawberry-picking experience that you can enjoy in Yamagata.

– Fresh strawberries are exquisite!
– Elevated plants make it easy for adults and children alike to pick them
– Be careful about clothes and how to pick strawberries
– Enjoyable even with children
– A good location near the Sagae IC along the national highway
Reservation required (0237-86-1811)

Please come visit (^-^)

* Due to the spread of COVID-19, business hours, closed days, and contents may differ from this article.
Please contact the shop in advance for the latest business conditions and infection prevention measures.

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