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[Feature] Sato Gyuniku-ten! Meat shop with a new branch in downtown Yamagata


A new facility called Nanokamachi Rurutas opened in the center of Yamagata City on July 21, 2021. Inside it there is a new branch of the popular local meat shop Sato Gyuniku-ten, which opened in 1981. It offers high-quality meat following on its own deliciousness standards that carefully assess not only the rank and appearance of the meat, but also the fat and meat quality of all its products.

1. Nanokamachi Rurutas

On July 21, 2021 a new spot opened in the downtown area of Yamagata City!

It is called Nanokamachi Rurutas!

It will be a commercial facility adjacent to the high-rise condominium Duo Hills Yamagata Nanokamachi Tower completed on the site of the former Seven Plaza.

There are three representative shops of Yamagata inside:

① Fresh fish shop Yoshinoya
② Fresh meat shop Sato Gyunikuten
③ Fresh fruits and vegetables Green Shop Harada

Yoshinoya and Sato Gyunikuten used to be located within the no-longer existing Onuma Yamagata department store, so I’m grateful for them to reopen nearby (^-^)

With the addition of the Green Shop Harada, this location has become the spot for a great lineup of fish, meat and fruits and vegetables!

The three shops are connected to each other within the facility for easy shopping.
* Please note that the checkout will be done individually at each shop.

Also, on the north side, there is Nanokamachi Gotenzeki, one of the main attraction of the downtown of Yamagata City.

2. Sato Gyunikuten

Sato beef shop opened in Yamagata City Suwamachi in 1981 (Showa 56).

Not only the rank and appearance of meat such as A5 grade, but also the fat and meat quality are carefully selected to provide high quality meat based on the shop’s own “deliciousness standard”.

As of September 2021, there were three shops in Yamagata City, the Suwamachi main shop, the S-Pal Yamagata branch and the Nanokamachi Rurutas branch introduced this time.

Here is the Nanokamachi Rurutas shop.

Its landmark is the silver cow statue at the entrance.

It is located on the first floor of Nanokamachi Rurutas facility between Yoshinoya and Green Shop Harada.

3. Inside the shop

This is the inside of the shop.

The showcase inside the store is full of high-quality meat!

You can enter from the entrance on the Gotenzeki side and the luxurious meat rack will be on the right side. If you wish, you can also order cuts of meat.

Even from an amateur’s point of view, you can see that the meat is of good quality just by looking at it…

It’s perfect for special occasions and gifts (^-^)

If you think the price is a little high…, don’t worry!

At Sato Gyunikuten, not only high-class meat but also a wide range of price products, including reasonable meat that is easy to use for daily meals, are lined up over the counter.

Of course, not only beef but also pork and chicken are available (^^)

In the showcase at the back, there are also in-store cooked side dishes!

This side dish is actually repeated many times at home (^^)

As it is a new store, “It’s more delicious because it uses the latest flyer,” says the store manager, Mr. Sato.

This is the one I can’t help but buy!

I am grateful that not only meat dishes but also salads are abundant!

We will also introduce recommended side dishes later, so please have a look (^-^)

On the other side of the showcase, there were lunch boxes that were perfect for lunch.

4. Featured products

Products from Sato Gyunikuten that make you hungry just by looking at them.

I asked for recommended products!

① Yonezawa beef

Yonezawa beef!

Along with Matsuzaka beef and Kobe beef, it has established a solid position as one of the “Three Great Wagyu Beef in Japan.”

Yamagata Prefecture has a large temperature difference between day and night, with hot summers and cold winters.

It is said that this temperature difference creates the tightness of Yonezawa beef and the ride of fat.

It is one of the most recommended product available.

You can feel from the look of the meat that it is excellent.

(2) Cut off domestic beef for imoni, cut off Yonezawa beef

Speaking of Yamagata, Imoni!

It is a tradition of autumn in Yamagata to eat this stew dish with family and friends by the river.

The author, who is from outside the prefecture, is also captivated by imoni, and the number of times this dish makes appearances at home increases dramatically from autumn to winter.

For the past two years the annual Imoni Festival of Yamagata was canceled due to COVID-19, but usually the event is covered in national news every time.

There is no doubt that those who see it for the first time will be surprised at the dynamic cooking method using a specialized crane that is usually used at construction sites!

The beef used for the festival makes for about 30,000 meals and is actually provided by Sato Gyunikuten.
(I learned that for the first time!)

Even though you buy it for imoni, it is said that the beef can be enjoyed even if it is boiled or grilled.

③ Meat balls

These meat balls are one of the most popular side dishes.

The crunchy texture of the batter and the tightly packed flesh inside make them addictive.

You can buy them by the unit too!

Great for a little snack or a side dish at dinner!

5. Parking Lot

Sato Gyunikuten has several affiliated parking lots, and if you purchase a total of 1,500 yen (tax included) or more, it will be free for 30 minutes.

In particular, the following three locations are conveniently located near the shop.
・ YT Park 24
・ Times Nanokamachi Parking Plaza
・ Nanokamachi Parking Plaza 2

In addition, you can also use a parking lot member among those in the downtown parking area.

6. Message to everyone who sees VISIT YAMAMAGATA

Finally, the shop manager gave a message to everyone who viewed this feature article on VISIT YAMAMAGATA.

“It is said to be high-class meat such as Yonezawa beef and Yamagata beef, but we offer it at an affordable price.

It is also recommended to use it for Yamagata’s famous imoni. Please come have a look at the shop!”

Detailed information

Sato Gyunikuten (Nanokamachi Rurutas)

Sato Gyunikuten (Nanokamachi Rurutas)

2-7-5 Nanukamachi, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture

Detailed information

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[Summary] Nanokamachi Gotenzeki! All shops in one article

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