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Zabun! New popular soba shop


Zabun is a popular soba shop within walking distance of the Kita Yamagata Station, or 15 minutes away by car from Yamagata Station.
It was highly rated on SNS so I decided to go.
It is open from 11:30 to 15:00 but is closed on Tuesday and on the third Monday.

* Opening hours and days may be different due to COVID-19. Please inquire directly with the shop before visiting.


The Hinoki, Kitamachi and Shima areas in Yamagata City are crowded with lots of restaurants, soba shops and ramen shops. And with the bakeries, cafés and movie theaters there, you can enjoy a full day here.
There is even an indoor playground where children can play for free.
That will be for another article!


The soba shop is on a side road of a main street.
Look for the chicken nobori banner if you get lost, its so cute!
There are 6 parking spaces in front of the shop.
I went with a friend and we arrived around 14:00 so we enjoyed a relaxed meal!
Some customers came by bicycle.



The wood atmosphere of the shop makes it warm and calm.


There are seven counter seats at the counter, three tables and a tatami area.


There are low chairs and picture books for children in the tatami area.
Children love noodles!
Some shops are difficult to enter with children but I’ve heard that you can eat with peace here.

Short menu

The menu lists the following:
Niku soba (750 yen) and tori-chuka (750 yen)
During summer (May to September) you can also order the dashi soba (850 yen).
In winter this dish becomes imoni curry soba.
Finally you can chose hot or chilled for the broth, and the portion of noodles you want.


Rice cooked in side menu, tangyu of topping, prime in dessert. There is a side menu of rice bowls and puddings too.
I want to try the soba tea pudding!
I ordered the small serving for soba noodles.


Thick noodles & rich chicken broth


The niku soba dish my friend ordered arrived!
The noodles were thick in tradition with Yamagata’s countryside soba.

This is tori chuka with slices of chicken beautifully arranged on top.


Let’s eat!
The fine texture of narrow egg noodles make them plump and delicious!
The green onions, parsley and agetama fried batter are also a good accent. Delicious!
The garlic and ginger-flavored soy sauce soup contains chicken oil, making it rich and delicious! (Third time)


It seems to be recommended to put both cayenne pepper and white pepper.
I was surprised by the white pepper but it gave some extra punch to the broth!
Customers in the shop seem to have been eating both niku soba and tori chuka.
The season of new soba will come, and autumn in Yamagata is the season for more soba!

Classic dessert


This is the soba tea pudding. I forgot to take a picture before starting to eat it!
It is a classic dessert made by the shop’s owners.
The brown sugar syrup is homemade too!
It’s a safe dessert you want children to eat too!
The flavor of the soba goes softly into the nose and the brown sugar syrup meets with the soybean flour~
The exquisite texture was also good. It was lively with sweetness!

Soba shop café

Zabun turns into a café on Thursdays and Fridays only!


After lunch time, from 14:00 to 17:00, the soba shop turns into a café.
They serve drinks such as coffee, but also the popular puddings, taiyaki and chiffon cakes, etc.
All are handmade sweets from the shop!
I am intrigued with the taiyaki…
I’ll need to check it out!


The inside of the shop is so cute!
It was a greatly satisfying lunch.
Please come too!

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