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Japan’s Best Sake Prefecture Yamagata Fair

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Come try sake and wine from the prefecture.

Basic information

Event name
Japan's Best Sake Prefecture Yamagata Fair
Date and time
June 3 (Sat.) and 4 (Sun.), 2023
Yamagata Prefectural Cultural Arts Center Yamagin Kenmin Hall special venue (outdoor)

1-2-38 Futaba-cho, Yamagata City


Part 1 on both days: 11:00~14:00
(Stop serving at 13:30)
Part 2: 15:00~18:00
(Stop serving at 17:30)
* On both days, the maximum number of people per session is 2,000, and the venue will be disinfected during the replacement time.

Official site
Main menu

Tasting tickets
Advance ticket: 3,000 yen (tax included)
◎ 10 tickets ◎ Same-day ticket with Yawaragi water: 3,500 yen (tax included)
◎ 10 tickets ◎ Refill ticket with Yawaragi water: 1,000 yen (tax included)
Same-day sales
◎ 5 tickets *Only those with advance or same-day tickets can purchase
★ Approximately 40ml per glass will be served
★ Depending on the grade of sake and wine, 1 to 3 tickets will be required
★ The quantity for sake tastings is limited, so some brands will be out of stock during the event
※ If you do not purchase a tasting ticket, you will not be able to enter.
(Non-alcoholic drinks and food can also be purchased with the tickets)
※ Admission for preschool children is free but they must be accompanied by a guardian.

Points of sales for advance tickets
● Lawson Ticket
● Ticket Pia
● e+e Plus
● Yamagata Sake Brewers Association
● Convenience stores (Lawson, Seven Eleven, Family Mart)
● Some sake breweries, wineries, and liquor stores in Yamagata Prefecture
● Oban
● Yamaya
● Kiyokawaya


❖ Limited to Part 1
= Enjoy only part 1! =
Sake Serving a limited quantity of  sake for the sake contest
● Wine Limited quantities of treasured wines such as long-term aging

Tasting ticket
❖ Winery affiliated with the Yamagata Prefecture Wine Brewers Association
❖ Sake brewery affiliated with the Yamagata Prefecture Sake Makers Association
❖ Junmai Daiginjo “Yamagata Sanko”
The best sake rice of the year, the best sake brewery.
Yamagata Prefecture’s flagship sake with the best of Yamagata technology
❖ Challenge Winery
❖ Shochu and Doburoku
❖ Craft beer
❖ Whiskey

Food Booth
Enjoy Yamagata’s specialty food with delicious sake Yamagata’s specialties such as imoni, beef skewers, free-range chicken, and pizza available at the many stalls!

Cash sales
Sake, wine, and other beverages from the prefecture
*Some products may not be sold.

❖ Fair Special Sake
We have specially prepared alcohol that can only be seen at this fair.
Shuou Sake Brewery
Yonetsuru Sake Brewery Junmai


First-come-first-served sales of a limited number of award-winning wines at the competition

🍶 Gathering of brewers 🍷
Date: June 3 (Sat.) and 4 (Sun.)
Please see the official website for details


Japan’s Best Sake Prefecture Yamagata Fair Committee
(Yamagata Prefectural Industry and Labor Department Prefectural Product Distribution Strategy Division)
☎ 023-630-3316

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