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Soba Country Yamagata! Four shops in Yamagata, Kaminoyama and Tendo


What is the first thing you think of when you hear Yamagata?
Most people say “cherry”, but in fact, it is very famous for soba noodles.
In fact, it even has a “Soba road” with many famous shops lined up on it.

This time we would like to introduce four selected soba shops among them. We were particular about not only the taste of soba but also the environment and interior of the shop.

* Opening hours and days may be different due to COVID-19. Please inquire directly with the shop before visiting.

[Yamagata City] Sugi

The soba shop Sugi is located in the Odachi district of Yamagata City, on the corner of a residential area overlooking Mt. Chitose.

The large shop has one seat and table room and three Japanese tatami rooms.
It is a popular shop that is often full even on weekdays.
The menu is abundant and contains standard dishes like mori-soba and even warm dishes like tsukimi-soba.
There is also a dish combining two types of soba.
Maya soba was cultivated at the foot of Mt. Maya, and now it is cultivated on the foot of the Zao mountain range and in Seto fields.
The soba are made using a stone mortar just like back in the days.

I always order the tenzaru soba with crispy tempura.
I recommend this to hungry people as this dish is quite large.

And good news for Yamagata people who love ramen, Sugi is known for its delicious ramen too.
There are even repeaters who come just for the ramen.

The soup made from Tobishima’s flying fish is simple and very easy to drink.
It goes well with the thin curly noodles.


And you will definitely be impressed by the large Japanese garden seen from the tatami room.
In the big pond, fish swim slowly, and in the summer, a cool breeze blows through the open windows.
In autumn, the voices of insects come from nowhere.

This place is only open for lunch so make sure to come early!

Detailed information

Soba shop Sugi

Soba shop Sugi

2-5-8 Odachi, Yamagata city, Yamagata prefecture


[Kaminoyama City] Kikori


Kikori is located on National Road 12 toward Zao Sarukura in Kaminoyama City.
The shop grounds surrounded by greenery are large and welcome customers with the sight of a large pound and seasonal flowers
You can smell the freshly boiled soba noodles upon crossing the purple noren curtain of the shop.


You should also definitively try the mountain vegetable tempura.
There are traditional items like sweet potato on this gorgeous plate that gathers seasonal food.
There are also chameleon plants known for their strong odor and lily roots.

In addition to soba noodles, there is also a set menu to enjoy the taste of Yamagata’s local cuisine.

In this set, there is rice flavored with safflower, the symbol of Yamagata prefecture.
You can eat soba noodles, etc.

And while waiting for the soba noodles to be ready
make sure to go see the garden.


There are beautiful flowers and lovely creatures there surrounded by greenery.

A cat came over to drink water while a goose bathed in the pond…
Furthermore, there are Akita dogs that are becoming popular in recent years!

You can pick up walnuts in the garden and crush them to eat at the entrance.

It is a shop where you can enjoy not only eating but also various experiences.
I would definitely recommended it to families.

Detailed information



3 Koya Usuzawa, Kaminoyama City, Yamagata Prefecture 999-3115


[Tendo City] Yamatake


Next, I would like to recommended “Takezura Soba Yamatake” along Tendo’s Ushu Kaido road.

At lunch time cars are lined up in front of the parking lot and many of them are from outside the prefecture.
I had to wait an hour and a half to eat before, so this time I got in at the opening time.

Going through the gate there already are some shoes lined up in the shoe boxes.

The building is a refurbished traditional warehouse belonging to a merchant family tracing back to the Edo period, but the interior of this modern shop does not give a feeling of this history.

The interior also has a very luxurious feel, and Jazz flowing in the shop makes for a relaxed time.


I ordered the shop’s most famous dish of kamo-soba.

The thin but elastic noodles are made with a recipe to grind the cut-out buckwheat husk on a stone mill.
The soup with duck broth is also very tasty.

And the roasted duck from in Iwate Prefecture was slightly pink, just like a maiden’s cheek.
The juices spread very much at the moment you put the meat in your mouth.

Yamatake is very peculiar about ingredients and do not use chemical seasoning at all.

There are also mushrooms from Funagata Town.
It is a wonderful place making the best of prefecture-made ingredients such as the green onions grown in Tendo City.


After enjoying the soba noodles, go out in the garden and take a walk.

The Japanese garden with moss is enveloped in rich greenery.
You can see that it was preserved preciously as a warehouse.

Rattan table sets are arranged in the room which can be seen through the glass windows.
This atmosphere looks great for shogi matches.

In summer there are seasonal dishes including sudachi-soba, so you can enjoy the shop throughout the year.

Detailed information



1-3-6 Kunomoto, Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture 994-0012


[Tendo City] Kirikiri


Kirikiri in the Takadama district of Tendo City is a shop in a very nice surrounding of rice paddies.

The high ceiling is very nice inside the traditional storage house shop and the interior has a stylish café-like impression.


Besides the standard zaru-soba, there are also zaigo-soba and countryside style inaka-soba.

I ordered the countryside inaka-soba, the thickest noodles, and tempura.
These soba noodles have a strong texture and are made more for chewing than slurping.​ ​

However, while chewing on the noodles their fragrance will come out and you will soon be addicted.

It is also a point that you can enjoy the slightly thick soba-yu broth.

And the tempura of seasonal vegetables is well presented and it looks very delicious.

There is also a rich menu of desserts for after the meal, including homemade sweets using soy milk.
Please try it if you are not full yet.

Also, please check the tableware at this shop.
Every single piece is unique and has a very interesting design. The plates will​ ​

Note that children under elementary school age can not enter this shop.
This place is a little more for adults, on a date maybe.


Detailed information



137-4 Takadama-kita, Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture 999-0068



How was it? Please go try the delicious soba noodles of Yamagata in Autumn just in time for the newly harvested buckweat.

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