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[Feature] Mitsubachi Garden Café! Fluffy pancakes


I went to Mitsubachi Garden Café located at the foot of Zao in Yamagata City.

You can enjoy the sight and smell of its garden full of flowers and the taste of fluffy exquisite pancakes.
It is one of the most popular cafe in Yamagata and was one of the first shops I could think of to recommend to visit.

In this article, I would like to share with you the charms of this place.

1. Mitsubachi Garden Café


It is a café that opened at the foot of Zao in Yamagata City on April 27, 2014.

It is so popular that people line up to go in, and even did so on the day of its opening.

The garden where you can enjoy fluffy pancakes is blooming with wonderful seasonal flowers (^ – ^)

It takes about 20 minutes by car from Yamagata Station, or 10 from Kaminoyama Onsen Station, to get here.

Because Yamagata has wide arterial roads and few traffic jams,
I think that relatively easy to drive even those who are not used to driving very much.

However, since the shop is in a quiet residential area, just a little care is needed there.

It is close to the road that goes up to Zao Onsen, and the renovated tourism product center Gutto Yamagata is also nearby.

2. Enjoy fluffy pancakes


Look at this!
It is the kind of pancake that appears in Heidi, Girl of the Alps and other famous anime (≧ – ≦)
This snow honey pancake is topped with luxury.

Here is my recommended way to eat them…

① Pancake first
② Add snow honey
③ Add snow honey and fresh cream

Please taste the sweetness and fluffy of the pancake itself (^ – ^)

Afterwards move on to ② and ③ and there is no doubt that you will climb the stairway of happiness!

Honey Honey Garden Café also puts emphasis on its drink menu, and especially recommended are the limited-time menu that uses seasonal fruits.

This time I got the Sunset Soda (750 yen including tax).


It contains raspberry & rose syrup + shikuwasa + soda + cassis ice cream +star pine & nata de coco!

It is a drink that can be enjoyed just for its looks, but it is moderately sour and outstandingly compatible with pancakes!

Mitsubachi Garden Café has a great sweets menu.
Other than the snow honey pancake introduced earlier, you can try any of the following:

· Dutch oven pancake (600 yen including tax)
· Mineral Scone (450 yen including tax)
· Homemade cherry pie (600 yen including tax)

Every one has different goodness, and the mineral scones were added after request from kids (^ – ^)


As its name suggests, it uses mineral-rich whole wheat flour to create a very rich flavor.
You will not get tired of this moderate sweetness that is exquisite, I feel like I can eat as much (^ ^)

Just as for the pancakes, you can enjoy jam and fresh cream as topping as well.

By the way, the drink next to me is also seasonal limited PINK GUAVA LASSIE (500 yen including tax).

This time we had a terrace seat overlooking the garden.

I sat at the terrasse looking at the garden.


I recommended it on a sunny day because it feels really good (^-^)

3. Beautiful garden like a fairytale

At Mitsubachi Garden Café you can enjoy seasonal flowers in the garden.
The April to May season at the start of summer is especially beautiful. Here are some pictures from the owners.


Well, it is really beautiful (≧ – ≦)
Even this garden seems to be a sightseeing spot (^ 0 ^)

And I was further surprised that my husband is doing this garden care!

This time I took a picture photograph and interview only before opening,
My husband was working hard in the garden.

4. Of course, eating and drinking inside is also recommended

The main building has a characteristic hexagonal shape.


Actually, this building represents the hexagon of the bee’s nest, from which comes the shop’s name.

Looking closely, the wood deck is also hexagonal.
Cute (^ – ^)

This is the inside.


The interior that is based on woodgraining and white is a very calm atmosphere.
There is also a wood-burning stove, and the atmosphere of winter where snow is piled is wonderful (^ – ^)

There are bees hidden everywhere in the store, please try looking for them.

This is a picture taken inside the lighting in the center of the shop.


I did not notice it at first glance,but there were many bees inside.


The tables for two are recommended for couples.


It’s a popular café  so it is difficult to sit in a specific seat, but since each seat has its own characteristics, there is no bad sitting! (^ – ^)

5. Recommended time to visit

Always crowded with many customers Mitsubachi Garden Café but,
I have been asking the relatively easy time even during the opening hours (11: 00 ~ 18: 00).

However, please understand that it is a guide only.
(1) Immediately after opening
(2) Lunch
(3) Before closing

In addition, although we interviewed this time before opening on weekdays,
The parking lot was full like this at about 11:30 when we finished interviewing.

* Opening hours and days may be different due to COVID-19. Please inquire directly with the shop before visiting.


The above picture is of the 1st parking lot, but there is also a 2nd parking lot in the back on the left side.
Please check it if the first one is full.


6. Recommended sightseeing spots around

① Souvenirs Marketplace Gutto Yamagata

The prefecture’s largest souvenir shop is located a few minutes by car.

It was renovated in 2016, and during holidays and vacation season is crowded with many tourists.
It would not be an overstatement to say that if you are looking for souvenirs it’s all done here (^ – ^)

You can find artscraft from the whole Yamagata prefecture, and also sake from its numerous breweries, well-known confectionary shops and a famous shop’s food corner, among others.

Detailed information

Gutto Yamagata

Gutto Yamagata

68 Omote-Zao, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture 990-2307


② Cybelle Factory Maison

At Cybele Factory Maison in Zao Matsugaoka, close to Gutto Yamagata, you will find a confectionery, bakery and café.
The shop is full of the sweet scent of freshly made cakes and the savory scent of freshly baked bread as you can look at the pastry factory through the glass, while at the café, pizza is baked in the stone kiln in front of you.

You can also enjoy a walk around the rusk factory.

Detailed information

Cybele Factory Maison

Cybele Factory Maison

2-1-3 Zao Matsugaoka, Yamagata City


3 Lina World

LINA WORLD is Tohoku’s largest amusement park. From screaming super coasters to Sanrio character-related attractions for children and adults, there are a variety of attractions that can be enjoyed by family, friends, and couples. In the spring of 2021 new attractions such as “Three-dimensional maze” and “VR theater” were added to increase the fun. There are also event days for children and adults to enjoy, with performance of characters from popular kids show and such.

Detailed information

108-1 Kanakame Mizukami, Kaminoyama City


7. Summary


This article introduced the popular Mitsubachi Garden Café and some of its features:

· Fluffy pancakes
· Seasonal drinks
· Wonderful garden
· Recommended time (just after opening, after noon, before closing)
· Recommended peripheral facilities

Come taste a moment of your dreams (^ – ^)

Shop information

Café​ & sweets

11:00~18:00 (last order at 17:00)

Thursday, 2nd & 4th Saturday

* Opening hours and days may be different due to COVID-19. Please inquire directly with the shop before visiting.

Closest station
2.3 km from Saito Mokichi Kinenkan

15 cars and secondary parking for 10 cars


Detailed information

Mitsubachi Garden Cafe

578-19 Zao Hango Okada, Yamagata City


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