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Benikko Hiroba


The children want to do something fun but its raining… We’re bored at home and tired of watching DVDs~ (tears) So we decided to go to the playground facility Benikko Hiroba run by Yamagata City!


Benikko Hiroba is one of Yamagata’s municipal facilities with indoor and outdoor playgrounds to be used by children.
The opening hours will variy depending on the season, but it basically open from 9:00 to 19:00!
It is closed on the 2nd Thursday of every month and on January 1.


In summer the kids can play with water in the Chapu Chapu area outdoor and they will have a blast. The weather was bad on this day, so we played indoors!

The neighborhood shopping facility is also fulfilling! Shima district

Benikko Hiroba is next to the Shima district where there are many commercial facilities such as an AEON MALL, the movie theater MOVIE ON, so if you go with your family, the moms can go shopping while the dads are playing with the kids… Children are not permitted to use the facility alone, and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian!


(It’s a new and clean facility♪)
There are plenty of parking spaces too.
Benikko Hiroba is about 20 minutes by car from JR Yamagata Station, and by bus get off at the Shimakoen-mae bus stop and walk for about 10 minutes.

Currently due to COVID-19 the use of the facility is restricted to residents of Yamagata City.

This is the entrance.


Take off your shoes at the entrance and put them on the shelf. After filling out a simple application form at the reception, a card will be issued ♪ Of course it’s free! There are also facilities that cost money to let children play, right? Yamagata is kind to raising children! Currently due to COVID-19 there are restrictions on the number of groups that can enter the facility at the same time.


It’s okay if you forget your card. If you ask the receptionist, there is a special entry form, so you can play safely (sweat).

You can play with peace of mind by area and age limit ♪

After completing the reception, you will find a large playground equipment in a wide space ♪ This will raise the tension of both parents and children! !


There are also athletic playground equipment, ball pools and trampolines! The floor near the athletic field is cushioned, and you’ll want to play barefoot to your heart’s content! We want to avoid troubles and accidents between children, but playground equipment has age limits and limits on the number of people who can play at one time. The staff will be watching over you and talking to you, so you can follow the rules and have fun playing…


You can feel Yamagata from everywhere in the Facility. (Benibana, the prefectural flower, and lots of pictures of delicious fruits representing Yamagata☆) A bear is watching over the playground equipment.


Is this the prefectural symbol of Yamagata, the prefecture’s offical animal, the Japanese serow?

Handmade toys

The existing playground equipment is of course interesting, but I am interested in the handmade toys of the staff here. There is also a maze that cannot be done at home!


This is a cardboard maze! My child played there many times~♪ You can feel the staff’s work and warmth, such as meticulous cleaning, patrols, and playground equipment management, and it’s very comfortable to use.

Parents and children leisurely reading time in the library space

In fact, it might be the longest stay… This is the corner of the book!


It is organized by genre, making it easy to select books. When I’m at home, I can’t keep up with reading slowly. Here, I don’t have to worry about housework (laughs), and I feel like I can attend to my children properly.


As a result of this day, it was this room that I spent the longest in the facility! There are large books, trendy books, and character books, so the range of reading has expanded, and both parents and children can have a good time♪

You can bring your own lunchbox!

You’ll get hungry after playing, right? This is a rest area with table seats and tatami mats.


You can bring your own lunchbox, snacks, drinks, take a break, and play again! The children are really energetic (sweat) They have drink vending machines here, and there is an ice cream vending machine too near the toilets, but there is no place to buy other food on the premises, so it is recommended to bring some from outside.


There is also a nursing room and children’s toilet next to the rest space, so it’s convenient to use.

Bulletin board


There are endless questions and concerns about raising children. Various pamphlets containing information such as events that children can participate in, circles, lessons, etc. are gathered on the bulletin board. I’m sure you’ll find something useful ♪
Why don’t you try using the all-weather facility Benikko Hiroba where you can play around for a few hours?

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