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Imonikai Festival

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The 34th edition of Japan’s largest Imoni Festival will be held for the first time in three years.

Imoni is a taro and beef stew that is considered Yamagata’s soul food.
During the Imoni Festival, ingredients will be stewed in a large pot of 6.5 meters in circumference to result in approximately 30,000 servings.

In addition to imoni, delicious food stalls from inside and outside the prefecture will gather at the venue, and charcoal-grilled saury will be sold too.

There are also stage events, exhibitions, and introduction corners.

Let’s eat delicious imoni while feeling the pleasant autumn breeze.

Basic information

Event name
Imonikai Festival
Date and time
September 18 (Sun.), 2022
Mamigasaki river riverbed (near Sogetsu Bridge), Yamagata City

Specified Parking Lot
1. Yamagata Big Wing
2. Yamagata Prefectural Office Parking Lot

Use of Shuttle Bus
P1. Yamagata Big Wing
P2. Yamagata Prefectural Government Parking Lot

Operating hours
Regular service: 8:00~16:00

General (one way): 200 yen
Elementary, middle and high school students (one way): 100 yen
Infants and younger: Free

Special Free Shuttle Bus
Yamagata Chamber of Commerce and Industry Parking Lot Venue

Operating hours
Regular service (8:00-16:00)
*Please use the paid parking lot around Yamagata City government office *Yamagata City central parking lot (7:30~22:00)


September 18 (Sun.), 2022
*held in case of rain (cancelled in case of stormy weather)

Vouchers acceptance: 8:30-
Opening event : 8:30~
Ceremony: 9:00~
Food delivery start : 9:30-
*Ends as soon as stock runs out

Mamigasaki river riverbed (near Sogetsu Bridge), Yamagata City

Voucher sales point
See the electronic ticket service “teket”

Sales period
Until 12:00 on September (Sat.) 17, 2022

Vouchers on the day
Sponsorships of 500 yen or more or 1 sponsorship ticket can be exchanged for 1 voucher

Application time
8:30~ (finishes as soon as it’s gone)

Official site
Main menu

◆Main Stage
・Opening Ceremony
・Kagami Biraki
・Tasting Ceremony
・Fun Live
・Yohoyamakai (Hanagasa Dance)
・PR for various groups
・Ending ceremony, etc.

◆ Shop zone
◆Kitchen Car Zone
Tasty food stalls from inside and outside Yamagata Prefecture gather!

◆Saury Festival Zone
Delicious charcoal-grilled seasonal saury (limited quantity of 2,000)

◆Food stalls zone
A zone where local food stalls from inside and outside Yamagata Prefecture gather.

◆Disaster prevention zone
Land, Sea, and Air Self-Defense Forces PR booth,
Self-Defense Force Chibikko dress-up corner

◆Corporate group PR
Introducing the efforts of tourism, companies, and organizations inside and outside Yamagata Prefecture

◆Kawatopia 2022 in Yamagata Zone
200ml/h rainfall experience, debris flow model demonstration, drainage pump car display, river patrol car display, flood damage panel display, etc.

Pro-wrestling experience by pro-wrestling group DEWA


Japan’s No. 1 Imonikai Festival Council Secretariat
☎ 023-622-0141

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