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Yamagata Fireworks Festival

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Kajo Park in Yamagata City will be the venue for the 2023 Yamagata Fireworks Festival.

Paid spectator seats will also be available at the “Citizens Fureai Square” and the “Event Square in front of Yamagin Kenmin Hall”.

The night when castle town in Yamagata is gorgeously colored.

Please enjoy it with your family and friends.

Basic information

Event name
Yamagata Fireworks Festival
Date and time
August 14 (Mon.), 2023 18:30~20:15
Kajo Park

1-7 Kajomachi, Yamagata City


~ Time schedule ~
16:00 Ticket holders start entering the viewing area
18:30 Opening ceremony (Start of live distribution, MC talk, organizer’s greeting)
19:00 Drone art
19:10 Greetings from the Executive Committee Chair Countdown
19:15 Start of Part 1
19:28 End of Part 1 & smoke release (introduction of Yamagata City sightseeing spots & Yamagata idol “anew LIVE”)
19:32 Start of Part 2
19:47 End of Part 2 & smoke release (introduction video and PR of Yamagata Imoni Festival)
19:49 Start of Part 3
20:02 : End of Part 3 and smoke release (introduction of Yamagata City sightseeing spots & Yamagata idol “anew LIVE”)
20:06 Start of Part 4
20:15 End of Part 4 (fireworks end)


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~Paid seating~
[Sales period: general release]
~August 14 (Mon.), 2023, 18:30

① Prefectural Fureai Square
<A set (4 seater table)>
● No. 1 to No. 42: 35,000 yen/set (tax included)
● Numbers 43 to 138: 30,000 yen/set (tax included)

<F set (free space)>
● Blue sheet for 1 person: 3,000 yen (tax included)

② In front of Yamagin Kenmin Hall
Event square
<Pair set (2 seater)>
● 10,000 yen/set

*2 tickets will be issued for pair sets (seats for 2 people)
*4 tickets will be issued for A set (4 seater table)
* F sets have blue sheets (1m x 1m). We will give it to you at the entrance of the venue on the day of the event.
*One ticket is required for each set type and per person.
* Wristbands will also be handed out at the venue on the day of the event.
*Admission free for preschoolers. However, if you need a seat, you need a ticket

Viewing ticket

Yamagata Fireworks Festival Committee
(Inside Junior Chamber International Yamagata)
☎ 023-632-8665

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