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Flower Nagai Line Festival

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At the Flower Nagai Line Festival, various events will be held at Akayu Station, Nagai Station, and Arato Station.

On the festival day, Sunday the 22nd, you can ride the train all day long for a one-way fare of 100 yen, and you can also purchase a 100 yen ticket with RYDE PASS (electronic ticket).
What’s more, it comes with a 100 yen coupon that can be used at the market that will be held that day.

Also, when you board the train, you will receive a sticker commemorating the 100th anniversary of the opening of the entire Nagai Line.

Enjoy autumn in Okitama on the Flower Nagai Line.

Basic information

Event name
Flower Nagai Line Festival
Date and time
October 22 (Sun.), 2023 10:00~14:30
Akayu Station, Nagai Station, Arato Station

1 Sakaemachi, Nagai City, Yamagata Prefecture

Main menu

🚃 Event details at each station
Akayu Station
● Nanyo Sentai Arcadion is coming! (12:00~12:30)
● Akayu Station West Square Market
● Koichi Kato Photo Exhibition
● Mini SL

Nagai Station
● Station Market
● Gathering of working cars!
● Muay Thai experience
● Horseback riding experience
● Former Nagai Elementary School No. 1 school building Business trip/souvenir shop x Kids City Land
● Brass band festival
  Nagai Elementary School (10:10~10:40)
  Nagai High School (10:50~11:20)
  Nagai Kita Junior High School (12:50~13:20)
  Nagai Minami Junior High School (13:50~14:20)

Arato Station
● Street performer Sunny Shibata performance (12:00~13:00)
● AT cart (10:00~12:00 & 13:00~14:00)
● Vehicle depot tour (maximum of 40 people each time) (10:45~ & 13:15~)
● AT cart trial ride
● Kitchen car

Held simultaneously

Uzen Narita Station
● Imoni party (11:00~)
● Ocarina concert (11:15~)

● Koji Yoneya and Nagai High School Photography Club joint exhibition
Period: October 6 (Fri.) to October 22 (Sun.)
Hours: 13:30~16:00 on weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
*22 (Sunday) 10:00~14:30

Nishiotsuka Station Festival
●Photography, painting, calligraphy, senryu exhibition
●Restaurants run by local volunteers

■ Koichi Kato and Ryo Suzuki photo exhibition
~ 100th anniversary of the opening of the entire Nagai Line – The charm of the Flower Nagai Line ~
Period: October 9 (Mon.) to October 15 (Sun.)
Hours: 10:00~17:00
*Until 16:00 on the 15
Venue: Gallery Stop (former Nagai Elementary School No. 1 school building)

◆ 100th Anniversary Quiz Rally! !
A quiz rally will be held jointly at 5 stations: Akayu Station, Nishi-Otsuka Station, Nagai Station, Uzen Narita Station, and Arato Station!
If you clear the quiz, you will receive a can badge! (First 100 people at each station)
Participation condition: Get one commemorative sticker by riding the Flower Nagai Line.

◆ Let’s wave to the Nagai Line!
Headmark vehicles commemorating the 100th anniversary of the line’s opening will be in operation!
As you pass through each venue, let’s all wave and welcome you from the station platform!
Operating hours: Departing from Arato Station 10:23 ⇒ Arriving at Akayu Station 11:29

◆ High School Student Marketing Project ~ Efforts to retain young people through inquiry-based learning ~
High school students in the Okitama area have been learning practical skills such as marketing and have been working since July to develop a new customer base for the Flower Nagai Line.
We will announce the results on the day of the Nagai Line Festival, so please take a look!


🚃 You can ride the Flower Nagai Line for 100 yen one way all day on the 22nd
You can also purchase a 100 yen ticket with RYDE PASS at the same time!
Comes with a 100 yen coupon that can be used at the market!

■100th anniversary of the opening of the entire Nagai Line!!!
Get a commemorative sticker when you ride!


Yamagata Railway Co., Ltd.
☎ 0238-88-2002

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