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[TAKEOUT] Korean Food Omoni Ishi BB


Irresistible spicy Korean food such as kimchi and sundubu in Nanokamachi, Yamagata City♪

Omoni Ishi BB is on the 2nd floor of the Ise Building next to the Yamagata Nanokamachi Washington Hotel.
There is a sign standing out!


I came to Omoni Ishi BB because they added their lunch option to the items available for takeout. (^ ^)
I went when they had no takeout containers so I ate on a plate.

You can order takeout until 22:30!

Recommended takeout items

Cheese & kimchi chijimi pancake


Cheese & kimchi chijimi pancake: 950 yen (excluding tax)

Ishiyaki BB


Ishiyaki BB: 880 yen (excluding tax)

Assorted namul


[Container included] Assorted namul: 700 yen (excluding tax)

Omoni Ishi BB ~ A Lunch [Tofu jige stew + mini bibimbap]


[Container included] Omoni Ishi BB ~ A Lunch [Tofu jige stew + mini bibimbap]: 980 yen (excluding tax)

Other items


All items on the menu except for noodles and raw items (changja, octopus kimchi, squid kimchi, kejang) are available for takeout.

What does "Omoni Ishi BB" mean⁉

“Omoni” is Korean for “mother” while “Ishi BB” means “stone grilled bibimbap.”
The shop’s name stands for “mother’s home-cooked food.”


“At time like this, but Korean food is prepared with ingredients that enhance immunity, such as pepper, garlic, radish, potato, pork, chicken, mustard spinach, broccoli, maitake, pumpkin, natto… So please come anytime.”

Said the cook.

The menu has numerous items for all needs!


There are lots of items on the menu!
The most popular is the Ishiyaki bibimbap
Please try it! (^^)
It seems that you can increase or decrease the spiciness in all dishes.
Let the staff know how spicy you want your dish! ☆

In the evening it turns into a homely Korean food izakaya!

There are lots of drinks, including Korean liquor, beer, sake, shochu, sour, wine, etc. 
First of all, how about Korean food with a beer for toast! ?
The Toppogi (Korean rice cake, sweet and spicy) on the picture sure looks good with some alcohol ~ (>_<)

Make sure to come by when things calm down!


Toppogi (Korean rice cake with sweet taste) 870 yen (excluding tax)

Detailed information

Korean Food Omoni Ishi BB

Korean Food Omoni Ishi BB

Ise Bldg. 2F, 1-4-29 Nanokamachi, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture


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