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[Feature] Summer Tradition! Chilled shampoo


The inland area of Yamagata Prefecture is a basin surrounded by mountains, so summers are extremely hot and sweltering.

Yamagata recorded 40.8 degrees Celsius in 1933 and held the highest temperature record in Japan for 74 years.

It’s still hot even after giving up the top spot.

In order to overcome such hot summers, Yamagata has a “chilled culture” to enjoy it.

Chilled ramen, chilled niku-soba, and chilled shampoo introduced this time are part of it.

This time, the VISIT YAMAGATA editorial department visited Men’s Hair Rhythm in Miyamachi, Yamagata City, the barber shop where chilled shampoo originated.

Come trying this chilled experience!

1. Chilled shampoo


This is a summer-only service where menthol-based shampoo is chilled in a refrigerator or in ice to provide not only a refreshing feeling the head but also the core of the body.

The shampoo used is specially made by the Yamagata Prefecture Cold Shampoo Promotion Council!

The contents are not just menthol, but also special ingredients made on the assumption that it will be used cold.

Tonic shampoo is often used for men, but this chilled shampoo is designed so that it can be used by women and children too.

2. Trying it!

First of all, let’s actually try it!

The challenger this time is Mr. N from the editorial department of VISIT YAMAGATA.

It’s a challenge to be able to describe how it feels and how cool it can be!

<From here, we will deliver it by live broadcasting of the editorial department>


Oops, it seems that the chilled shampoo just reached the skin.

If feels cold on that instant!

It seems that it was done from the beginning!

According to him, at this point it seems to be about -10 degrees cold. (It’s just personal opinion)


Washing the hair thoroughly…

It’s like a massage and looks good.

Suddenly, the owner walked towards the wine cooler filled with shampoo.

He brought back something!


Is this ice in your hands?

What are you going to do with this?


Suddenly he started pushing ice against the temples.
It’s like pushing acupoints.

Mr. N had this expression when he suddenly became aware of the coldness!

Be careful!


But it looks like it’s getting better and better.

Is the cold a little paralyzing?


Now it’s time to wash off the shampoo.

The owner asked, “Would you like to use water? Or do you want to use lukewarm water?”

* If you can’t stand the cold, don’t overdo it, you can use lukewarm water.


Next, finish with a special chilling treatment.

The treatment was also chilled in a wine cooler with ice.


Rinse the treatment and towel dry.

The face looks completely cold!

It look s like having eating shaved ice all at once.

Then, dry it with a hairdryer.


Of course, it is cold air, so don’t worry.

A refreshing feeling, and a refreshing sweaty body!

I realized that I wanted to chill shampoo as if I was taking a bath.

3. The story behind the birth of chilled shampoo

Chilled shampoo is now famous all over the country.

We asked the store manager, Mr. Onuma, about the background behind the birth of chilled shampoo and its particularity.


Nowadays, chilled shampoo is used in many barber shops, but it seems that Mr. Onuma originally used chilled shampoo from a refrigerator as a summer-limited service around 1995.

He was wondering if he could provide a cool service to customers in the summer of Yamagata, where the heat wave continues.

After that, chilled shampoo became of hit, replacing the chilled ramen for which Yamagata is famous, and it was taken up by the media.

Then, chilled shampoo became known all over the country at once.


As it became more and more popular, parents would come with children to try it out.
However, the stimulating menthol shampoo was not suitable for children and women’ hair.

Mr. Onuma wondered if he could make a tonic shampoo that even children and women could use with confidence.

He did so by suppressing the menthol’s efficiency to reduce irritation.

However, he worried about the feeling of exhilaration being reduced due to the menthol’s suppression, but it seems that the exhilaration remained the same when used cold.

The perfect balance between chilled shampoo and menthol created an original shampoo like no other.

Furthermore, cherry extract and Mt. Gassan’s natural water are used to give it a Yamagata feel.

Cherry extract has an antioxidant effect and is good for aging care.

It’s not just a menthol shampoo, it’s made with this in mind too.

4. Enjoy at home


Those who want to try but can’t go to the barber shop, you can now try chilled shampoo at home.

We recommend the original shampoo and treatment that is also used in the shop.
Please enjoy this exhilaration at home.

Of course, the storage place is not in the bath area but the refrigerator! !!

Please cool it down before use.

And for those who want to try it before buying a whole bottle, we recommend the single-use type packs.


The single-use pack seems to be more refreshing when used in a sherbet shape in the freezer.

This single-use type is also used as a summer service at hotels in Yamagata City.

If you happen to find it at a hotel, please give it a try.

Shampoo is sold at hair salons (marked by the blue chilled shampoo banner) that support the activities of the Yamagata Prefecture Chilled Shampoo Promotion Council, as well as at souvenir shops at Yamagata Station, in product halls, and online.

Please add it to your list of Yamagata’s summer souvenirs.
It might be a little story!

5. Barber shops where you can experience chilled shampoo

Now, let me introduce you to the barber shops that offer chilled shampoo.
The blue banner that says “Chilled shampoo now available” is an indicator.

At Men’s Hair Rhythm, which we visited this time, you can enjoy chilled shampoo as introduced in this article. However, the recipe of chilled shampoo differs depending on each barber shop, and it seems that some use cocktail shakers or sake bottles.

It may be interesting to try chilled shampoo at various shops.

Please note that the information on the list below is as of August 2021.


Municipality Shop name Address phone
Higashine city Miyoshi Barber Shop 2799-1 Hanyu 0120-344-489
Higashine city Cuthouse Taki 1-4-16 Miyazaki 0237-42-0492
Higashine city Tsukasa Barber 1-8-15 Jinmachi-minami 0237-47-2237
Tsuruoka City Takamiya Barber Shop 90 Sanze Yokocho 0235-73-2059
Shonai Town Hair studio art 20-27 Saruta, Amarume 0234-42-2516
Yamagata City New Sense 3-6-23 Kubota 023-643-4821
Yamagata City Cut in Kawada Happy Garden 2, 1-1-14 Tominoju 023-644-5530
Yamagata City Men’s hair rhythm 5-8-1, Miyamachi 023-623-3305
Yamagata City hair booth EXE 1-1-21 Narisawa-nishi 023-688-6088
Nagai City Hair & Esthe Oasis 253-7 Tokiniwa 0238-84-4673
Nanyo City Hair Salon Pariin 2434-7 Miyauchi 0238-47-3758
Shinjo City Hair Shop Tamagawa 5-30 Kamikanezawamachi 0233-23-1308
Shinjo City Natural Hair Sai Level 4 3-4 Banbacho 0233-22-6993
Oishida Town Barber Shop Sugai 243-3 Oishida 0237-35-3368
Oe Town Hair Salon Sakuma 465 Aterazawa 0237-62-2542

6. Conclusion

How was it?

This chilled culture may have been born from the generosity of Yamagata citizens who want to enjoy the hot summer instead of just enduring it.

Yamagata is hot in the summer and snowy in the winter.
The clear four seasons make for delicious fruits and rice.

And you can make delicious wine and sake from them.

Please experience Yamagata’s chilled culture to enjoy the heat.

Detailed information

Men's Hair Rhythm

Men's Hair Rhythm

5-8-1 Miyamachi, Yamagata City


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