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[Feature] gura! Food, design and people facility in downtown Yamagata


This is a report of the new facility that opened on March 17, 2018 in downtown Yamagata City called “gura”.

Please come take a look at this spot where “food”, “design” and “people” gather in the city!

1. gura

On March 17, 2018, the complex facility gura opened in Hatagomachi, dowtown Yamagata City, with the concept of having “food”, “design” and “people” gather in the city.

The facility is in the former Kimura residence, a restored and renovated traditional stone warehouse, and includes a restaurant, a craft store, and a lounge hall.

I visit it regularly, but it’s my favorite place to discover new things every time (^-^)

Do you know the origin of the name “gura”?

It comes from “kura” for warehouse.

The logo like a family crest that is inspired by soil and stone is also very attractive (^-^)

2. Facility

The facility has 4 areas.

From the front of the facility grounds, there is (1) a restaurant, (2) a craft store, (3) a lounge hall, and (4) an open space spreading from (1) to (3).

Taken from gura official website

3. Restaurant

First of all, I would like to introduce the restaurant in the front of the facility!

With the concept of “a restaurant that connects the four seasons and producers,” you can enjoy Italian cuisine using ingredients produced in the prefecture.

This is the entrance.

Here is the inside.

The entire wall facing the square is a window!

The ceiling is high, and there is a great sense of widespread openness (^-^)

You can feel the change of season by looking outside from your seat.

The stones used for the walls in the restaurant are Nakagawa stones dating from the Meiji era that were dismantled and preserved.

They were harvested in Kaminoyama City and Nanyo City, precious stones that are no longer mined.

The stonesare used not only in the restaurant but also in the lounge hall.

It was snowing when I visited.

The quiet interior, the stone walls, and the snow falling from the sky were very fantastic, and it almost felt a little regrettable when the food arrived.

① Classic!! gura set

This time, I got the “Classic!! gura set” from the lunch menu.

The first thing that was brought in was an appetizer platter using fresh morning vegetables.

Look at this voluminous feeling with salad, potatoes, caponata, caprese salad, focaccia, frittata, soup and appetizer!

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of salad it will be because the carefully selected vegetables that are procured directly from the farmers so the contents will change depending on the season and purchasing situation (^-^)

And I would like you to pay attention to this plate.

It is a gura original plate design made by Osamu Wakui, a potter from Nagai City.

It seems that you can actually purchase some as of April 2022, so please come have a look.

It can last a lifetime and enhances the deliciousness of food.

Then, you can choose from several types of pasta for the main dish.

This time, we selected the recommended Cream Spaghetti with Funagata Mushrooms.

The scent of mushrooms that rises softly at the moment of the plate being brought in is irresistible (≧-≦)

The pasta cream also contains mushroom puree and is topped with plenty of raw sliced mushrooms.

A plate of Funagata mushrooms!

Quick pictures before trying it!

The taste of rich cream and the aroma of mushrooms are surprisingly exquisite (≧-≦)

The pasta is boiled just right, and the more you eat, the more the aroma of pasta spreads, and the taste seems to grow too.

Somehow… it’s just delicious!

And what is surprising is the unique texture and elegant flavor of raw mushrooms!

It is recommended to entangle it with pasta, but I would like you to taste it as it is too (^-^)

After meals, you can enjoy a dessert and drinks.

This is also modestly sweet and has an elegant taste.

I was able to enjoy the best time in a spacious space.

② Pasta set

This one-plate lunch is also a popular selection.

Upgrading to a large serving is free, so it is a very satisfying volume.

③ Kids set

At gura, children can have a delicious lunch too.

This is a plate full of children’s favorites, including a salad, fried shrimp, hamburg steak, tomato sauce spaghetti, orange juice (can be changed to soup) and children’s favorite menu.

Adults can also order it, so it is recommended when you want to have a light lunch (^-^)

④ Dinner

Dinner is also great for special nights such as anniversaries.

Enjoy delicious food in a warm, calm and fashionable atmosphere.

It’s perfect for anniversaries of couples and celebrations of loved ones (^-^)

4. Craft store

Next, I visited the Craft Store behind the restaurant.

Here you can purchase attractive craft items selected from inside and outside the prefecture, including gura original craft products.

Here is the inside of the store.

The powerful beams on the ceiling and the white-based walls are very impressive.

The former two-story building was renovated to create an atrium with a stairwell, so this is also a space with a sense of liberation.

I’ve been visiting the store many times since its opening, but new products are lined up on a regular basis.

I just keep coming back.

There are two types of craft items in the store.

One are items selected by gura from inside and outside the prefecture, and the other are gura original items produced in collaboration with craftsmen.

We asked about the recommended products for each type!

① Selected item

First of all, we will introduce the items selected by gura from inside and outside the prefecture!

Here are accessories using Tsuruoka silk with an impressive gorgeous pattern.

Items from Furniture Studio Moku, which I visited in another interview before, were also lined up.

These are recommended for adding a little touch to places such as the entrance of your home.

Detailed information

Click here for an article about the experience at Furniture Studio Moku ▼

Click here for an article about the experience at Furniture Studio Moku ▼

[Experience article] Furniture Studio Moku | Making works with trees grown in Yamagata-Living with trees in your life-

Here are Kenland’s color socks that can be worn in a casual fashion.

Kenland’s socks are comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Here are items from the Japanese paper product brand SIWA.

Although it is Japanese paper, it is so sturdy and light that you will be surprised when you bring it with you.

It gets wrinkled and textured over time, and like leather products, the more you use it, the more it will become your own original (^-^)

In addition, there are also baked goods that are perfect as a reward for yourself or as a small gift.

I’m in the middle of making a report, but the items I introduced were so nice that my “reward list for myself” increased.

Of course, it is also recommended as a souvenir!

② gura craft (gura original craft product)

gura is collaborating with craftsmen to design and develop “daily goods that you can feel close to.”

Nowadays, the number of craftsmen is less than in the past, but the desire to create an opportunity to look at the techniques of Yamagata craftsmen is included.

① Warehouse-patterned plates

These are brewery-patterned plates created at the Nanyo Eboshi Kiln.

It’s a perfect product for gura (^-^)

They are made with carefully selected soil, and the black and white geometric pattern is drawn using a construction method called “Namako wall”.

② Saw tooth plates

As the name suggests, you can enjoy the texture of the sawed wood.

Mr. Sato Kogei, who makes shogi pieces and furniture parts in Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture, is working on this.

It looks easy to use, and the deliciousness of the food is also enhanced.

③ Stone plates

These are made by Stonemason Ishizawa, a masonery that works on stone wall restoration materials and old-fashioned stone lanterns.

Craftsmen who have valuable techniques for processing natural stones make each one of those, mainly by hand.

It’s made of stone, so it’s perfect for cold desserts and sweets.

④ Handkerchiefs of the four seasons

The creator, “itori”, seems to finish everything from dyeing threads to weaving, such as plant dyeing and safflower dyeing, by themselves.

These handkerchief use 100% linen up to the sewing thread and are finished with all-natural materials.

The change of seasons in Yamagata is expressed through colors.

⑤ Kumiko tray

This is a tray with the motif of “Sanjubishi” made from Kaneyama cedar from Kaneyama Town.

Delicate patterns are assembled without using nails.

The kumiko woodworking technique, which is originally used for shoji and columns (opening members provided between the ceiling and the lintel), is used here for making a tray.

This is also a very nice idea (^-^)

⑥ Carpenter’s table

A gem assembled with the technique unique to Miya carpenters which connects wood at the right angles by adding notches without using nails.

The feel of wood is coming by working by hand instead of using a machine processing method.

This is a table that can be used for many years and that will not come off once assembled.

5. Rental space

The lounge hall and outside square at the back of gura can be used as rental spaces.

You can hold various events such as concerts, movie screenings, and hands-on workshops in here.

The profound atmosphere using precious Nakayama stones goes well with a wide range of events!

This was the scene of the “Exhibition to learn the charms of safflower” held there, displying a completely different atmosphere.

If you are planning an event, please come and inquire at gura (^-^)

The outside square can also be rented.

Some people have held garden wedding here.

Please check the official website for details.

Official HP

6. Basic information

☎ 023-665-5466
Lunch: 11:00~14:00 
Dinner: 18:00~22:00 (Friday and Saturday only)
(last order 30 minutes before closing time)
Closed: Sunday and Monday

Craft store
☎ 023-674-0943
11:00~16:00 (for the time being)
Closed: Sunday & Monday

Detailed information

2-1-41 Hatagomachi, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture

7. Message

Mr. Hironori Goto, the representative of Hatagomachi Development Co., Ltd., spoke with us this time and gave a message to everyone who is reading VISIT YAMAGATA!

“We are aiming for a place where people of all ages can gather, families, friends, and elderly couples, with the concept of” a place to stay in the city. “

We are building a store that can be used by local people, so please come and visit us. “

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