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[Feature] Lina World! The largest amusement park in Tohoku



Lina World, located in Kaminoyama City, is the largest amusement parks in Tohoku!
I used it for a whole day with my family, referring to the recommended course for family introduced on the official website (^-^)
We will also report on the hot new attractions.
Please take a look.

Grand Opening: March 21 (Tue.) from 9:30

1. Lina World

Lina World is the largest amusement park in Tohoku.

There are many attractions such as screaming systems, torrent slides and roller coasters, as well as classic coffee cup rides and merry-go-rounds.

Especially, the attractions made in collaboration with Sanrio characters are a must-see!

They are also cute to look at, so they are recommended for small children (^-^)

Lina World celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019, but it is currently evolving!

In 2021, a new “Three-dimensional maze” was installed.

With three floors nine meters above the ground, this is also one of the largest in the prefecture!

I will also introduce the experience report later, so please have a look (^-^)

2. Recommended course for a family (morning)

The official website of Lina World introduces three recommended courses.

① Family
② Friends
③ Couple

This time, I went around with two boys aged 6 and 5 + a couple referring to the ① Family course.
* Arranged at home based on the recommended course

Let’s go!

After you park your car at the lot, the first thing to do is buy a ticket at the entrance gate.

This is the entrance gate.

There are discounts such as for child-rearing support passports, so be sure to check them out!

Passing through the entrance gate, you can see the exciting scenery!

Children will surely get excited!

As usual my youngest son started yelling as soon as he entered the park (^^;)

Please be careful…

When you go up the stairs, you will see the souvenir “Joyful Shop” on your left.

The eating and drinking area “Café Terrier Lina” welcomes you on your right hand side.

We will introduce each of them in the latter half and later, so please have a look (^-^)

① Strawberry café

The first thing I got on was this tea cup attraction called the Strawberry Café.

I think there are many people who say this is the standard for amusement park.

And all the tea cups of Lina World have Sanrio character specifications!

The children were wondering which one to ride (^-^)

At the beginning of the movement, the children were stuck with a feeling and mechanical noise that they couldn’t usually taste, but after a few seconds, they were happily spinning the cup.

Be careful not to turn it too much (^^;)

② Fairy Kitty Carousel

After the Strawberry Café, head to the merry-go-round called Fairy Kitty Carousel, which is just across the way.

This is also a Sanrio-themed ride (≧-≦)

It is a two-story type ride, so if your child seems to be okay with the height, we recommend the rides on the second floor, which has a nice view and a feeling of openness.

Again, we were happy to discuss about which character and vehicle to ride.

③ Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel

Next is the Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel, which can be said is the symbol of Lina World.

It seems that this Ferris wheel is Japan’s first Hello Kitty Ferris wheel.

Fortunately, I was able to get on the Hello Kitty car number 1.

As you get closer to the summit, the children’s tension will reach its MAX!

If you’re so happy, you’ll be happy.

And… here is the view at the summit!

The weather was nice and the view was great!

④ Magic Mirror World Dream

In the “Family” recommended course, the craft activity at Handmade Experience Yume Kobo is introduced, but unfortunately it was suspended at the time of coverage.

So, go to the nearby Magic Mirror World Dream building.

The maze using organic EL panels and mirrors was the first of its kind in the world at that time.

It’s a maze, so be careful not to hit the mirrors!

My youngest got inside and crashed into the mirror in about 5 seconds (^^;)

⑤ Rapid Flow

The last ride to do in the morning is the Rapid Flow!

It is an attraction where you can ride a log-shaped vehicle and dive onto the surface of flowing water.

The height restriction is set to 110 cm or more, but if accompanied by a junior high school student or older, people under 110 cm can ride it too.

My oldest son who saw the dive from the top of the bridge categorically refused to ride it!

My youngest one enthusiastically decided to go with his dad, saying, “It’s all fine!”

And it turned out that…

His yells were echoing in the park immediately after the dive… (for the second time today).

After all it seems that he was scared indeed (^^;)

The rides have a tarpaulin for the splashing, but his clothes were wetter than I expected.

The weather was nice so it dried quickly, but please be careful.

3. Lunch time

For lunch, head to Café Terrier Lina in the fountain square.

The menu was also abundant (^-^)

Orders are made in a cafeteria method, so you can take your favorite dish along the line, and finally check out.

For dishes that need to be cooked, such as pasta and curry, you need to wait at the time of checkout.

Here is what my family ordered this time!

There is also a food and drink booth in the area where we plan to go around in the afternoon, so if you want to eat there too, order a little less here.

But when you put them side by side, it’s surprisingly voluminous.
* Children’s lunch (upper right in the photo) will be renewed in the future.

At the same time as having fun, adults may become food fighters…

It literally disappeared in an instant (^^;)

After the meal, we had a dessert time at the Lina World Ice Cream Shop next door.

You can get Dippin’ Dots ice cream, which is rare in Yamagata.

A mysterious mouthfeel that is super smooth.

There are plenty of flavors, so please try it (^-^)

4. Family recommended course (afternoon)

① Feeding the carp

In the afternoon, go to the Excite Zone to challenge the latest attraction called the Three-dimensional Maze that opened in May 2021!

However, I found such an area on the way.

Feeding carps!

Children love this (^-^)

There is also a vending machine for feed, so it is recommended for a short break for parents.
You’ll have to accompany your kids so that they don’t fall into the pond, so it is not that much rest after all (^^;)

② Latest attraction, the Three-dimensional Maze

After recharging ourselves with a relaxed time, it’s time to try new attractions!

This is a huge three floor-high wooden three-dimensional maze.

Isn’t it the largest maze in Yamagata?

According to the reception staff, it may take 40 minutes or more to clear it depending on the person.

It is recommended to take a restroom break and rehydrate yourself before going in.

We are all set to go!

I understood it within a few minutes of entering.

This is crazy!

If you hit a dead end, you’ll have to turn back, and you cannot proceed unless you solve the mechanism of this fairly full-scale maze.

Children are very excited about this!

On the way, I exchanged information with other maze dwellers and my eyes were shining, “Why don’t you do this? Let’s go here!” (^-^)

We managed to go upstairs so maybe the goal is approaching? I feel like it.

I managed to reach the goal through constant going up and down, going through and straddling!

By the way, there is an exit door on the way for those who are giving up, so don’t worry if you are not confident in completing the maze.

After reaching the goal, the whole family was sweating!

When I was immersed in satisfaction, a voice came out from the children.

“Okay, let’s do it!”

Actually, there is a mission to stamp each point in this maze.

We had only found one such point, so we tried again (^^;)

We managed to get all the stamps, but felt very tired!

But the children seemed to be very satisfied, so I guess the result was okay (^-^)

③ Break

We are a little tired from the maze, so we had an early snack time!

We took a short break at the outdoor open space opposite the three-dimensional maze.

For my exhausted body, this felt like the most delicious shaved ice I had ever eaten.

Lina World is helpful because there are such eating and drinking & resting spaces in various locations (^-^)

④ Water shot

This Water Shot was the one that my eldest son got stuck in.

It’s an attraction where you can get into a safari car and hit a target with a water gun!

* Quoted from Lina World official website

When you press the button, water is jetted vigorously, but the momentum of this water spray is moderately strong!

It seems that there were new discoveries every time we got on the ride and we enjoyed it more than 10 times in total.

I also did it, and it feels good to spray water and hit the targets.

Please get excited with the whole family (^-^)

⑤ Go-kart

This is a go-kart where my youngest got excited.

For young children, it is necessary to be accompanied by a junior high school student or older, but it seems that the feeling of driving by moving the steering wheel by myself was irresistible, and I was really happy to pull this.

The staff always asked, “Do you know how to ride?”, and youngest was proud to say, “Yeah, I know because I’ve done this many times.”

We continued to ride without getting tired and enjoyed it until just before the park closed (^-^)

⑥ Angel Coaster

Finally, the kids chose this Angel Coaster for its theme.

It seems that they chose it from its appearance and size because they wanted to ride a roller coaster that did not seem to be too scary (^-^)

Although it is small, the G on the curve is medium!

It seemed to be scarier than they expected, and they said they would be okay with not riding it for a while.

This time around, we focused on attractions for children, but at Lina World, there are attractions that adults too can enjoy, such as the large roller coasters and other rides.

Lina World-Attractions for Adults

These are recommended for dates and groups (^-^)

5. Finally, choose a souvenir!

Finally, look for souvenirs at the Joyful Shop in the fountain square!

Many souvenirs were lined up in the shop (^-^)

There were limited-release sweets, but here too, there is a collaboration with Sanrio!

It is irresistible for Lina World and Sanrio fans (≧-≦)

This is the limited goods area of Lina World.

The newly released Lina World T-shirt has a great impact…


Sanrio goods were also quite abundant (≧-≦)

These are all cute …

These baby goods were a critical hit personally!

It’s cute, isn’t it?

I may have had more fun than my kids (^^;)

You can enjoy all of it just by browsing in Joyful Shop, so please try to incorporate this shopping time into your plan for the day (^-^).

6. Basic information on Lina World

Yamagata Kaminoyama IC: approximately 5 minutes
Sendai → Yamagata Zao IC → Lina World: approximately 70 minutes
Fukushima → Tohoku Chuo Expressway → Yamagata Kaminoyama IC → Lina World: approximately 70 minutes
Tsuruoka → Yamagata Kaminoyama IC → Lina World: approximately 90 minutes

Parking Lot

Open from mid-March to late November
* Please check the official website as the precise days will vary each season.

Detailed information

Lina World

Lina World

108-1 Mizukami Kanakame, Kaminoyama City, Yamagata Prefecture


7. Kayaking at Lina World

Lina World has a 120m long running water pool and the Lina Beach where you can enjoy a tube slider.

Although Lina Beach is really popular in the hot summer, you can enjoy kayaking and the aqua tubes as a water adventure during the non-summer period.

The period is from late April to mid-May and from September to late October when Lina Beach is not open.

I think that there are not many opportunities to ride a kayak or experience an aqua tube, so please prepare a change of clothes and use it (^-^)

8. Message

Finally, we received a message from Mr. Oizumi, who had a message for readers of VISIT YAMAGATA.

“Lina World has many attractions that people of all ages can enjoy.

Especially, the newly opened 3D maze is really popular! It takes an average of 40 to 60 minutes even for adults to completely clear this three-dimensional maze!
This summer as well, we are planning various events that everyone from small children to adults can enjoy together.

It is an environment where you can play outdoors with peace of mind, so please come with your family and friends.

We look forward to your visit from all the staff. “

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