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Best time to see: from mid-April to mid-MayFlooded forest of Lake Shirakawa

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You can see the fantastic scenery as the thawed water from the Iide mountains flow into Lake Shirakawa, and the fresh green white willow trees are standing amidst the water.

It is a spectacular view of spring that can only be seen for about a month from mid-April to mid-May.

In addition, there are a campground, a park golf course, a canoe boarding area, etc. in the park nearby so you can enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends.

Recommended pointsRecommended points

Recommended points

Canoe & SUP experience

A nice canoeing club experience tour around the lake surrounded by nature. Even beginners who have no experience can enjoy it safely. You can enjoy the scenery from the lake that you usually cannot see.

Basic information

Flooded forest of Lake Shirakawa
Date and time
Mid-April to mid-May
Around Shirakawa Dam (near Shirakawa Dam Kogan Park and Shirakawa Onsen Shirakawaso)

Kazuma, Iide Town, Yamagata Prefecture


About 90 minutes by car from Yamagata City
About 45 minutes by car from Yonezawa Station

◆ For those arriving by car ◆
A dedicated parking lot will be set up during the period. Please park there. Also, please refrain from parking on the street to Prefectural Route 8 in front of Shirakawa Dam Kogan Park. Note that parking at paid campsites within the park without paying is strictly prohibited.

Parking lot
Official site

◆ For those who take pictures ◆
There is a campsite nearby so please enjoy your early morning photography quietly and with good manners.
In addition, only camps users are allowed to enter the campsite, and photography of it is prohibited.
If you want to take aerial photographs with a drone, please be sure to apply for the use over the lake surface at the Shirakawa Dam Management Branch after 8:00.
For safety reasons, drone flight over the park is prohibited.

Surrounding spots

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