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[Summary] Illuminations in Yamagata prefecture! Five recommendations


Christmas season is approaching and the landscape around the prefecture looks more and more wintery.

In many locations beautiful illuminations shine at night.

Here are five recommended illumination spots around Yamagata Prefecture.

☆ Yamagata Sound and Light Fantasia 2021 (Sagae City)

Yamagata Snow Festival has been renamed the Yamagata Sound and Light Fantasia.

Under the theme of “Forest of Light”, come enjoy a fantastic space illuminated by about 120,000 LEDs, with a light tree about 7.5 m tall and flowers of light that emits 600,000 colors.

There will also be various events during the period.


From November 26 (Fri.), 2021 to February 14, 2022 (Mon.)

[Illumination time]
* Hours may vary depending on the venue.
* Hours will be 16:30~22:00 from December 18 (Sat.) to 31 (Fri.)

[Main venue]
Mogamigawa Furusato Sogo Park

[Event details]
◆ Special day
January 29 (Sat.) and 30 (Sun.), 2022

◆ Yamagata Domannaka Exploration Stamp Rally
◆ Photo contest
◆ Enjoy the venue & AR photo frame

Sagae City
: Mikoshi Park Square in front of Sagae Station
Kahoku Town : Roadside Station Kahoku
Nishikawa Town : Roadside Station Nishikawa
Asahi Town : Roadside Station Asahi
Oe Town : Terme Kashiwaryo * This sub-venue is illuminated but there are no events.

Yamagata Sound and Light Fantasia Executive committee office
(Sagae City Sakuranbo Tourism Division)

Detailed information

Yamagata Sound and Light Fantasia 2021

Yamagata Sound and Light Fantasia 2021

Mogamigawa Furusato Park, 1269 Yamanishi, Sagae City, Yamagata Prefecture

☆ Higashine WINTER FESTIVAL (Higashine City)

The Higashine WINTER FESTIVAL is popular every year.
This season’s edition (2021-2022) will be scaled up from the previous ones with additions of atwin-tower Christmas tree and LED art.

The event is held over a long period of time so please enjoy it as many times as you like.

* When you come to the venue, please cooperate with the measures to prevent the spread of the new COVID-19 virus infection.


December 4 (Sat.), 2021 to January 10 (Mon.), 2022




Manabia Terrace

[Event details]

● Christmas market
(December 4, 11, 18, 25)
● Sakiko Nomura special photo session (application closed)
● Winter Tour Digital Stamp Rally
● Inatagram Posting Campaign

Higashine WINTER FESTIVAL executive committee office
(Inside the Commerce, Industry and Tourism Division, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Higashine City)
☎0237-42-1111 (main)

Detailed information

Higashine WINTER FESTIVAL (2021)

Higashine WINTER FESTIVAL (2021)

Manabia Terrace, 1-7-3 Chuo-Minami, Higashine City, Yamagata Prefecture


☆ Kajo Central Winter Illuminations (Yamagata City)

In the atrium on the 1st floor of Kajo Central, a tree of about 7 meters stands in aspace surrounded by champagne gold LEDs!

It is also recommended for commemorative photos for the Christmas season.

In addition, on the nights between December 20 (Mon.) and 25 (Sun.), Christmas-specific digital art will be projected.

In the observation lobby on the 24th floor, which is another venue, the night view of Yamagata and the illumination reflected on the glass windows create a fantastic space.

Please enjoy the night view and the illuminations.


November 23 (Tue.), 2021 to December 25 (Sun.), 2021
* Illuminations of the starry sky on the 24th floor will be held until February 20 (Tue.), 2022.

1st floor atrium: 9:00~22:00
24th floor observation lobby: 16:00~23:00

[Digital Art (1st floor atrium)]
December 20 (Mon.) to 25 (Sun.)
Projection time: 18:00~22:00

[Simultaneous holding]
Kajo Central × Good Things Yamagata Panel Exhibition
Introducing “Yamagata’s High Quality Good Things” on the panel with the theme of Christmas gifts!

Kajo Central Management Association ☎023-646-7272

Detailed information

Kajo Central

Kajo Central

1-1-1 Jonan-machi, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture


☆ Fujishima Illuminations 2021 in Hisu Hana (Tsuruoka City)

This year’s theme for the Fujishima Illuminations is “Wish for the stars.”

Express Tanabata with illuminations and wish a lot of thoughts to the stars.

In addition, the number of lights that keeps increasing every year is now up to 160,000, and one of the attractions of Fujishima Illuminations is that it keeps evolving year by year.

In particular, the illumination of the wisteria on the wisteria shelf is a masterpiece of beauty.


November 3 (Wed.), 2021 to January 10 (Mon.), 2022


Fujishima Historical Park Hisu Flower
[Fujishima Illuminations Project]
If you buy one tin badge for 100 yen, you can add one LED light.

Tsuruoka City Fujishima Government Building General Affairs Planning Division ☎0235-64-2111

Detailed information

Fujishima Historical Park Hisu Flower

Fujishima Historical Park Hisu Flower

Yamanomae, Fujishima, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture

☆ Christmas Illuminations (Nakayama Town)

Christmas illuminations will be held at the Nakama Park Baseball Field.

Please spend a wonderful winter night while watching the glittering lights.


December 1 (Wed.) to 25 (Sat.), 2021

Sunset ~ 21:00

In front of the main entrance of Nakayama Park Baseball Field parking lot entrance

Nakayama Park Yamagata Prefectural Baseball Field ☎023-662-5361

Detailed information

In front of the main entrance of Nakayama Park Baseball Field parking lot

In front of the main entrance of Nakayama Park Baseball Field parking lot

5081 Nagasaki, Nakayama Town, Yamagata Prefecture


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