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Shonai Kiryu Festival

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Shonai Town was born in 2005 from the merger of the former towns of Amarume and Tachikawa.

A new festival will be held to pray for a bountiful harvest and the development of the town based on the concepts of the two towns’ legends related to dragons, the Hiryu Densetsu of the former Amarume Town and the Ryujin Faith of the former Tachikawa Town.

The highlight is that two dragons, Hiryu and Himeryu, have souls and awaken their eyes! In addition to a soul-instilling ceremony, a performance of Amarume Hiryu Taiko drums, and a dragon-carrying experience by elementary and junior high school students, the finale is a dragon dance performed by a 40m-long flying dragon and a 30m-long princess dragon.

The festival will also be livened up by food stalls and food trucks that bring together delicious food from Yamagata and Shonai.

Please enjoy the first Shonai Kiryu Festival with your family and friends.

Basic information

Event name
1st Shonai Kiryu Festival
Date and time
August 11 (Thu.), 2022
Shonai Town Gallery Onsen Yumachi

35-2 Amarume Dotsushita, Shonai Town

Main menu

~Event Schedule~
Food & shop stalls area opening

Dragon’s Soul Engraving Ceremony, Amarume Flying Dragon Taiko Performance, and Dragon Carrying Experience by elementary, junior and senior high school students
(*advance application required)

Dance performances
Opportunity to see spectacular performances by dance teams from all over Shonai up close!

Participating groups
・Haguro High School Cheerleading Club
・Cheer Dance Club Shooting☆Stars
・Channel-i Dance Project
・Pinkish jr.
・Joba Ren
・Golden Dance
Finale (Dragon Dance)
The spectacular dance woven by two giant dragons is a must-see!


~ A large collection of delicious foods from Yamagata and Shonai! ~
Participating stalls
◆ Yaki-soba specialty shop Tenten |Yaki-soba, grilled food, skewers, etc.
◆ Harada Curry | Spiced curry
◆ Shonai Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Group|Fried chicken, yakitori, shaved ice, etc.
◆ Okinawa Soba Ikei |Okinawa soba, takikomi rice, etc.
◆ Meshi to Kashi Ribatei | Fusion bowls, non-alcoholic drinks, etc.
◆ Mon’s kitchen | Rouleau rice, spicy fried chicken, Taiwanese drinks, etc.
◆ Dama-ya (NIKU THE KURA) | Grilled beef and pork
◆ Teppanyaki Okonomiyaki Kagura | Okonomiyaki, yaki-soba, waffles, shaved ice, etc.
◆ Fuuten Kitchen Hachibei |Pasta, tacos, garlic shrimp, etc.
◆ Yakiimo DoCo? Nibankan |Imo ice, yakiimo soft serve ice cream, etc.
◆ Love&Beef Tiyoro |Beef skirt steak bowl, long churros, etc.
◆ Kumo-no-ito kitchen car |Dried sardines Chinese noodles, dried sardines abura soba, Hachi cola, etc.
◆ Handmade gyoza dumplings Maa-chan |Fried dumplings, fried chicken skin dumplings, steamed dumplings, etc.
◆ BON! BUONO |Fried chicken, banbadori, soft serve ice cream, etc.
◆ Bell Post |Pizza
◆ Yuza Curry | Yuza curry, fruit parfait, etc.
◆ Mt. Gassan Ice Cream |Fluffy shaved ice, sherbet, wrapped meat skewer, etc.
◆ 808 Izumiya |Fruit sandwiches, shaved ice, bubble waffles, etc.
◆ Tsuruoka Yume Yatai |Yakitori, takoyaki, etc.
◆ Akiba Farmers |Skewers, Yonezawa meat croquette, fried chicken, etc.
◆ Curry House CoCo Ichibanya |Pork curry, hurricane potato, wrapped curry naan, etc.


Shonai Town Tourism Association
(in Shin Sangyo Sozokan Classe)
☎ 0234-42-2922

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