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[Feature] Yoshinoya! Fresh fish in downtown Yamagata

  • 2022.03.30
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A new facility called Nanokamachi Rurutas opened in the center of Yamagata City on July 21, 2021. Inside it there is the fishmonger Yoshinoya, a shop that was founded in 1938.
They offer fresh and high-quality fish including sashimi, processed products, dried fish, and sushi!

1. Nanokamachi Rurutas

On July 21, 2021 a new spot opened in the downtown area of Yamagata City!

It is called Nanokamachi Rurutas!

It will be a commercial facility adjacent to the high-rise condominium Duo Hills Yamagata Nanokamachi Tower completed on the site of the former Seven Plaza.

There are three representative shops of Yamagata inside:

① Fresh fish shop Yoshinoya
② Fresh meat shop Sato Gyunikuten
③ Fresh fruits and vegetables Green Shop Harada

Yoshinoya and Sato Gyunikuten used to be located within the no-longer existing Onuma Yamagata department store, so I’m grateful for them to reopen nearby (^-^)

With the addition of the Green Shop Harada, this location has become the spot for a great lineup of fish, meat and fruits and vegetables!

The three shops are connected to each other within the facility for easy shopping.
* Please note that the checkout will be done individually at each shop.

Also, on the north side, there is Nanokamachi Gotenzeki, one of the main attraction of the downtown of Yamagata City.

Fishmonger Yoshinoya

Yoshinoya started in 1938 as a fresh fish dealer in Yamagata City.

They provide fresh and high-quality fish including sashimi, processed products, dried fish, and sushi.

Currently they have two shops, one at Nanokamachi Rurutas and the other at the 256 (“nigoroku”) store in Tokamachi.

This is Yoshinoya’s shop exterior.

The landmark is a refreshing blue tapestry reminiscent of the sea and rivers.

If you go to the back while looking at Gotenzeki on the 1st floor of Nanokamachi Rurutas, you will find the entrance.

3. Inside the shop

Here is the inside of the shop.

Employees are located in the island space in the center of the shop, making it easier to communicate with customers.

In the back, the owner himself holds a kitchen knife and handles fresh fish.

I just took a look at the splendid kitchen knife handling (^-^)

You can find a wide variety of products such as homemade Saikyo-zuke, sushi and sashimi made with plenty of seasonal fish, overnight dried fish, boiled fish, and side dishes.

It is said that the high-quality, thick overnight dried fish with fat is carefully selected and procured from dried fish specialty stores in Tokyo’s Toyosu district and Hokkaido’s Sapporo city.

There are many products such as wakame seaweed, Matsumaezuke, and salted squid that can be served as side dishes for rice or as snacks for sake (≧-≦).

Shiokara is finished with a manufacturing method that uses only domestically produced Japanese flying squid.

It is a delicacy done by hand by professional craftsman from preparation to aging!

If you are looking for delicious snacks for when you drink at home in these times please check it out (^^)

The tastes of home made by Yoshinoya are also lined up.

There is no doubt that once you eat “delicious side dishes” such as boiled fish and fried foods, which are time-consuming to make at home, you will be addicted to them!

Colorful seafood bowls and sushi are perfect for lunch!

There was a rich lineup of sushi, seafood bowls, sushi rolls, and more.

It is said that it is made from fresh ingredients and rice cooked with carefully selected seasoned vinegar.

Being a fish store, you can’t remove the sashimi!

High-quality seasonal fish were lined up, mainly natural products! !! !!

From one serving to assortment, it is also appreciated that it will be made according to your request (^ ^)

4. Featured Products

This time, I asked Mr. Oba, the representative, about recommended products (^^)

① Saikyo pickles

This homemade Saikyo-zuke is a discerning product that has been carefully made piece by piece over a period of about a week.

In addition to Saikyo-zuke, there are many types such as Hon-kasuzuke and Shinshu Echigo-miso-zuke, which are recommended not only for meals at home but also for gifts.

It can be frozen as it is, so if you keep it in stock, it will be a powerful ally for busy people!

It’s easy because you can put it on the table just by removing the miso on the surface with kitchen paper and baking it in an oven toaster or frying pan (^-^)

② Sujiko

In Yamagata, Sujiko has long been popular as a rice ball ingredient, a side dish for lunchboxes, and a companion for breakfast.

“Ikura” is often eaten in the Kanto and Kansai regions, and “Sujiko” is almost unfamiliar.

Certainly, when I first moved to Yamagata, I remember seeing the Sujiko lined up in the supermarket and thinking, “What is this !?”

Same as salmon roe, salmon and trout fish eggs, with immature eggs still in the ovaries connected by the ovarian membrane.

How much does it cost to remove the membrane from this streak and break the egg into pieces?

Such Sujiko is a popular product of Yoshinoya!

We are particular about quality and umami, and only buy products that meet the “Yoshinoya standards”.

Including the introduced Saikyo-zuke, Hon-kasuzuke and Sujiko can be assorted for gifts.

There is a counter inside the store, so you can complete the procedure there.

It is possible to respond according to your budget and wishes, so how about a gift for your loved ones?

5. Parking Lot

Yoshinoya has several affiliated Parking Lots, and if you purchase a total of 1,500 yen (tax included) or more, it will be free for 30 minutes.

In particular, the following three locations are conveniently located near the store.
・ YT Park 24
・ Times Nanokamachi Parking Plaza
・ Nanokamachi Parking Plaza 2

In addition, you can also use the member Parking Lot of the “City Center Common Parking Ticket”.

6. Message to everyone who sees VISIT YAMAGATA

Finally, Mr. Imada, the store manager, gave a message to everyone who viewed VISIT YAMAMAGATA.

“Now it is one of the few fish stores.

We have carefully selected delicious fish, so please come and visit us. “

Detailed information

Yoshinoya (Rurutas store)

Yoshinoya (Rurutas store)

2-7-5 Nanukamachi, Yamagata City

Detailed information

[Summary] Nanokamachi Gotenzeki! All shops in one article

[Summary] Nanokamachi Gotenzeki! All shops in one article

2-7-6 Nanukamachi, Yamagata City