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Azumaya! Handmade soba recommended for children

  • 2022.06.28
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Lunch on holiday, eating out with Children…
In general, options are narrowed down, right? (Sweat

There is a house, children’s favorite noodles, where we can not go and wait for a casually.

At that time, our “home” rate is high.
I heard that acquaintances and friends often go · · ·
It is a shop loved by Yamagata!

* Opening hours and days may be different due to COVID-19. Please inquire directly with the shop before visiting.

Soon off the Yamagata Zao IC! First, food!

The address is Yamagata-shi prefectural town.
Leave Yamagata Zao IC on Yamagata Expressway and turn left,
Turn right along the river and cross the intersection just before Higashi Elementary School,
Turn right at the T-junction and you will turn right.


(Yamagata Zao IC entrance)
When you go to Yamagata from outside the prefecture, first of all, “Azumaya”
How about meals?

The Imoni stew party season has arrived! Soon on the Mamigasaki riverside!

From the city of Yamagata Imoni stew festival”
Famous for Mamigasaki river Take the Yamagata Zao IC on the left side
I will climb towards you.
This is a sight of the cherry blossoms that are also lighted up!
This green road will completely become a tunnel of cherry blossoms.


Cherry-blossom viewing in spring, river play and pool facility “Jaba” in summer, in autumn Imoni stew party…
Please check it because it is a famous spot in Yamagata!

This is the parking lot just after 12:00.


Although I could afford this day, I also have a second parking lot.
Customers outside the prefecture also had a visit!

Recommended menu


There is a blackboard with recommended soba noodle dishes and items on the menu just past the main entrance.

Do you know “Dhatan soba”?
Slightly bitter tasty buckwheat noodles, but you can eat such rare things.


I have not tried the large shrimp tempura soba yet…
But I will next time!

Relaxing with parents and children!

As I was with my child this day, I instantly passed through the room.
The photograph shows the table from the Zashiki, the counter seat.
It seems that buildings and interiors have been renovated and cleaned up.
That’s it, it’s been a long time ago, soba shop ~


The shops and staff here are all warm.
Yamagata dialects and accent are comfortable, we will soak in ~
I was also getting overseas people (traveling?) On this day!

Extensive menu

I am hungry and want to eat everything.
 You can select your buckwheat flour (dewakaori or tattan) and choose whether to have thin or thick noodles!


When ordering, the number of buckwheat noodles, the number of dishes for children
I listened carefully! I’m happy.


Soba of different thickness

As I hesitated, I could not choose between thick and thin noodles…


So I ordered the aimori ita (1,350 yen) to try both!

Thinner on the left and thicker on the right.
Both have great texture, I’m going to slurp them enjoying the fragrance of soba.
Delicious ~ 

I shared it and eat it, but I have eaten a lot of small strikes in my child (sweat
Garnishes, spicy green onion, wasabi, quail eggs also came!
Soba-tou was also rough and tasty.

I wanted to tell my family !! My favorite ramen!


Here is the menu of Chinese noodles.
Customers around you are more ordered “tokori china”!

Well, I’m getting lost, but when I came for lunch alone alone, I got “ramen”.
(We were able to eat slowly with peace of mind at the counter even with one girls)
That is already simple, delicious!
I will also introduce “Ramen” for my family to my family!


Chinese noodle with plenty of soy sauce soup.
Menma, onion, glue, when it is, chashu.
This chasse shoe is soft enough to unwind in the mouth and it is very tasty!
The amount of noodles was also quite good, and the family was also very satisfied ♪ It was good ~

It is likely to feel more delicious during the colder season!


I got besoughly heavy (290 yen) in the side menu.
Clothes of crispy sake and squid were also soft –

It was a lunchtime visit on a holiday, but I was very happy to be able to eat lunch with this lazily comfortably!
Since children eat a lot, noodles are the strongest for eating out with Children.

By all means, please go to “Hand-made soba Azumaya” which is soon from Zao Inter, close to the center of Yamagata city!

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