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[Feature] Rapeseed Field! Great photo spot in Kaminoyama


There is a great new photo spot, a rapeseed flower field, on the prefectural road 51 between Yamagata and Kaminoyama.

I went to see with my family and it was even more beautiful than I imagined(^-^).

In this article, I will introduce the charms and basic information of this new site in Kaminoyama.

※ Pictures were taken in May. I think that by the time the article will be published the field will be different but please use them as a reference for next year.

1. Recommended rapeseed flower fields in Kaminoyama

This is a new spot as of Spring 2019.

A beautiful field is of course important but there are also other recommended points just as follows:

① Cute photo spots
② Perfect sense of scale
​ ③ Good access

I will introduce all of them!

2. Cute photo spots

It is not just a field of rapeseed flowers, it also has also cute photo spots

The first one can be seen when looking from the entrance on the north side…


There a heart-shape arch! Perfect for your Instagram!(≧▽≦)


That is cute!

There is a white bench and the contrast between the yellow of the field and the blue of the sky is just perfect!!!

You might have to wait a little depending on the time you visit.

There also is a wooden photo frame behind the arch (south side).


In it you can take pictures with a different feel from the heart-shaped arch.

And if you go even further there is a ladder structure…


It says that you can see the heart-shaped field if you climb on top of the structure.


There are hearths everywhere (lol)

This is the picture from the top!


It is indeed shaped like a heart!

This is cute too(^-^).

They say that this place, just like the heart-shaped arch, is used for pre-wedding photo shoots,

3. Perfect sense of scale

This is the full view of the field mustard.


The sense of scale was neither too large nor too small, just perfect for our family with kids(^-^).

It is large enough to have fun with kids or with the elderly.

I think that 30 minutes is plenty enough at the location.

The Saito Mokichi Memorial Museum and Kaminoyama Onsen are nearby so make sure to visit them too(^-^).

4. Good access

The address is as follows:

2-14 Benten, Kaminoyama City, Yamagata Prefecture

The field will be on the left side when coming from Yamagata (North) to Kaminoyama (South) on prefectural road 51.

If you come by train, the JR Mokichi Kinenkaikan-mae station is the closest one.

It is within walking distance so even students with no license can come see it.

There was no indication regarding designated parking spaces.

Just as in the picture below, there is another road next to road 51 and people parked their car next to the field on it.


Detailed information

2-14 Benten, Kaminoyama City, Yamagata Prefecture

5. Fun for kids too

Just as we were walking close to the heart, my kids went

“A maze, a maze!”

And they ran off.

I was wondering what it was about when I lowered my gaze to look…


I see!

For kids the field hides their field of view and the trail looks like a maze(^-^).

Looking at the whole field from the top is a great view but if you change your point of view just a little you will be able to discover a different scenery.

And if you lower your gaze you can also have a great view of the flowers(^-^).


The contrast between the field mustard flowers and the blue sky is beautiful.

6. Caution about the field mustard of Kaminoyama

This spot is managed by the Kaminoyama City Tourism Section.

Please be cautious about the following:

・You can enter the field to look at it freely
・Keep good manners to enjoy it safely
・Do not pick up flowers
・Bring your trash home with you
・Thank you for cooperating to promote Kaminoyama City by posting pictures on SNS


Because it is a flower field there were a lot of insect like bees.

Please be cautious if you don’t like them or are allergic.