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Tozawa Shun-no-Ichi 2023

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Tozawa Shun-no-ichi is a market where you can find delicious food from Tozawa Village.

There will be seasonal mushrooms, Tozawa village specialties, and processed products.

In addition, the Tozawa Village New Soba Festival, where you can enjoy delicious new soba, and the Tozawa Village Geibun Festival, where you can enjoy local performing arts and dancing, will be held on the same day!

Please enjoy it together.

Basic information

Event name
Tozawa Shun-no-Ichi 2023
Date and time
November 5 (Sun.), 2023 10:00~14:30
Tozawa Village Central Community Center

1593-86 Nadaka, Tozawa Village

Main menu

Event schedule
11:00: Mushroom soup serving
(Outdoor venue/Limited to 300 meals)

13:00: Grab nameko mushrooms
(Outdoor venue, ends as soon as it runs out)

14:15: Mochimaki (gymnasium)
Geibunsai performers cheerfully throw mochi

Event details
Special product sales
・A variety of autumn vegetables, mushrooms, boiled and dried mountain vegetables, Yukari mochi, Tozawakko monaka, Yukibanana cake, mugwort daifuku, kujira mochi, cutting boards, vine crafts

・Baijimi, yamnyeom chicken, boiled sweet potatoes, dumplings, rice rice, yaki-soba, salt-grilled sweetfish, salmon soup, fried salmon, river crab, salt-grilled yamame trout from Kadokawa, yakitori

Other booths
・Knife sharpening, health measurement session
・Red Feather Community Chest
・Green donation
・Tulip bulb gift

Exchange booth
・Cherry Kirara
・Jionji Yubeshi
・Special products of Nakai Town, an exchange city

Garapon lottery
If you make a purchase of 500 yen or more at a shop within the event venue, you will receive a lottery ticket.
The 1st prize is Tozawa Village’s proud brand of pork “Tozawa Buta Ichiban Ichiban” and there are many other prizes!
First 300 people


=Concurrently held=
❖ Tozawa Village New Soba Festival
Date November 5 (Sun.), 2023
Hours 10:00~14:30
Venue Tozawa Village Central Community Center
Price 500 yen
Limited to 300 meals
Advance ticket sales and reservations are not accepted.
Please purchase at the venue on the day.

❖ Tozawa Village Arts Festival
Date November 5 (Sun.), 2023
Hours  10:00~14:30
Venue  Tozawa Village Central Community Center

Performing group program

10:00 Tozawa Gakuen Brass Band
10:30 Tsuya Hayashi Performing Arts Preservation Society
11:00 Mogami Gorge folk song club
11:30 TOZAWA Creative Dance Team Hi-tto
12:00 Kadokawa Performing Arts Research Group
12:30 Fra Maile Sisters
12:50 Break
13:30 Japanese drum Samidare/KOBUE (drum flute)
14:00 Hyuga Hyottoko Dance Yamagata Prefecture Branch
14:15 Mochimaki
14:30 End


Tozawa Shunnoichi Committee
(Tozawa Village Town Development Division)
☎ 0233-72-2152

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