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[Zao Ski Resort Information ④] Viewing Snow Monsters 2019-2020

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Zao is famous for its snow monsters.

These are frost-rime-covered fir trees, formed under unique weather conditions found on top of the Zao Ski Resort. They are illuminated in the evening to create a world of fantasy.

Please take a look at this powerful art created by nature.

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Recommended points

Snow Monsters Light-up

Please take a look at the fantastic appearance of the rime on the trees! Date: December 28th (Sat) -February 29th (Sat), 2019 Limited 47 days Time: 17: 00-21: 00 (Last uphill to 19:50) Price: Adults 3,000 yen Children 1,500 yen Inquiry: Zao Ropeway Sanroku Station Phone: 023-694-9518

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"Rime fantasy Corridor" tour on the Night Cruiser

It is a tour where you can get on the Night Cruiser and enjoy the rime that emerges in the darkness up close! Tour date: 47 days in total Departure time from Zao Sanroku Station: 17:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00 (Meeting 20 minutes before departure) Capacity: Up to 36 people per flight Snowmobile operation course: Tree ice plateau Station ⇒ Turn back at the top of the No. 4 pillar on the mountaintop line ⇒ Jizo Kogen Station (Does not go to Jizo Sancho Station) Fee: Adults 4,500 yen, Children 3,800 yen (Sancho Line + Snowmobile) * Season tickets and other discounts are not available. * Advance reservation is required. * It may be canceled depending on the weather. Inquiry: Zao Ropeway Sanroku Station Phone: 023-694-9518

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Daylight rime

360 ° vast Snow Monsters area with a panoramic view! !! Period: Late December to early March (Rime formation time) Time: 8:30 to 17:00 (Ropeway operating hours) Fee: Adults 3,000 yen, Children 1,500 yen

Basic information

Event name
Viewing Snow Monsters
Date and time
December 28 (Sat.), 2019 ~ February 29 (Sat.), 2020 (may be cancelled depending on the weather)
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