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[Feature] COZAB GELATO! Gelato in Yamadera


It was hot and I wanted to eat something cool so I decided to go for a drive to Yamadera and stop by Cozab Gelato.
This stop is recommended for everyone who comes to Yamagata with a car.

Let me introduce you to this wonderful gelateria.

1. Cozab Gelato

Cozab gelato is located in the Yamadera district of Yamagata City.
Yamadera is less than 30 minutes by car from the center of Yamagata City, or 20 minutes from Yamagata Station on the JR Senzan Line. And from there, the gelateria is about a 10-minute walk from the Yamadera Station, at the far end after passing the temple entrance and the souvenir shop area.


On the way to Yamadera, the cherry tree orchards stands out.
This is a typical landscape in Yamagata.


When you come to the area around the Yamadera Station, you will be surrounded by mountains as the scenery changes.

2. Healing scenery around the shop ♪

The parking lot opposite the gelataria is located near the river that immediately jumps into your eyes!


This is the Momijigawa river. Its water is very clear, cool and soothing. You can come eat your gelato outside near in it summer.


When you close your eyes, you can hear the sound of water and the chipping of birds.
Even though this is technically Yamagata City, the air here is as clear as if you were in a summer resort.


The gelateria’s owner’s uncle founded a grocery store called Sagae Shoten in 1963.

Inheriting the thoughts of this uncle who supported the lives of the people of the Yamadera district, the now owner renovated the store and in 2018 reopened it as a gelateria.

At first I was wondering why there was such a shop in the back area of Yamadera, but after visiting I can see why coming all this way is worth it.

3 Seasonal tastes of Yamagata

Cozab is said to have been named after the owner’s grandfather, Kozaburo.


There is a gelato-like logo too ♪

The types of gelato differ almost every day depending on the season, the ingredients of the day and the weather, but there are about 6 to 8 types. (Updated on official Instagram on business days)
* Some flavors do not use dairy products.

Choose between gelato of 2 or 3 flavors and pay After that, you can pick your 2 or 3 flavors from the ones available that day ♪


Please note that some flavors may be sold out depending on time of the day.


The origin and name of the producer for the ingredients are listed on all flavors.

The strawberry that I had on that day was a luxury variety called Otomeshin, a strawberry from Yamagata City.
Matcha and Hojicha were from teahouses in Shinjo City, Yamagata Prefecture.
The dairy products were from a ranch in Iide Town, Yamagata Prefecture.

Only delicious Yamagata ingredients
I want to eat them all!


The second floor has a counter where you can look outside.

There is also a table in the center.
There is also a coffee menu, so it seems that you can eat your gelato slowly on weekdays.


I chose a 3-flavor gelato of of matcha, strawberry and chocolate.
Very smooth mouthfeel and strong taste!

This looks really good!
And it was actually really delicious.
I had to make sure my kids did not eat everything after I made them taste it.

The shop is committed to using a manufacturing method based on the idea of “being natural” with no coloring or artifical fragrance.
The power of Yamagata was felt from the gelato made from fresh ingredients!


On the wall of the 2nd floor, the place of origin of the ingredients is posted in an easy-to-understand manner.

4. summary

Yamagata is a land rich in natural and seaonal food.

The gelateria Cozab Gelato expresses the charm of Yamagata through gelato, which is loved by people of all ages.
The menu that changes with the seasons is also attractive, providing a different fun and deliciousness every time you visit ♪
Please go try it!

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4510-2 Yamadera, Yamagata City


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