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[Feature] Mamigasaki SUP! Try standup paddleboarding in Yamagata City

VISIT YAMAGATA Editorial Staff

VISIT YAMAGATA Editorial Staff

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Do you know about the latest popular sports SUP?
Even beginners can enjoy it easily on rivers and the sea.
And now you can try this new classic sport whose popularity has skyrocketed in the last few years in Yamagata City ♪
This time, I will report on SUP and how to enjoy it in Yamagata!

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What is SUP?

SUP is an abbreviation for StandUp Paddleboarding, a water sport that originated in Hawaii.

As the name suggests, it’s a hot activity right now, standing on the board and paddling on the surface of the water.


The board used in SUP looks like the one used in surfing, but it is actually larger than a surfing board. It has a large buoyancy and is easy to balance.

Therefore, even a complete beginner can start practicing from kneeling and be able to stand up in about 5 to 10 minutes.

There are various ways to enjoy SUP, such as taking a leisurely ride on the sea or river with a paddle, or just sitting on the board to relax!


It is a recommended activity that children and elderly people can easily enjoy♪

Equipment and clothing

The basic equipment used in SUP are a dedicated board and a paddle, and a leash that attaches the board to the user so that the board does not flow away when the user falls into the sea or river.
* The leash may not be required in areas where the board is unlikely to flow away.


Basically anything is OK as long as you are dressed in a bathing suit or if you don’t mind getting wet.
However, it is better to wear a wetsuit after the beginning of autumn when the water temperature is lower.

It is also necessary to wear a life jacket as you may fall into the water from the board.

SUP experience at Mamigasaki river ♫

SUP is beginning to be popular even in Yamagata


SUP can be enjoyed in various area such as the sea, lakes and rivers where there are not many waves, so it is becoming popular in many places now, and you may see people enjoying it even in the sea of Shonai.
By the way, the photo above is from Yunohama Beach.

It seems that it is gradually taking root as a marine and river activity in Yamagata prefecture.

By the way, SUP can be enjoyed not only in Shonai but also in Yamagata City.



Mamigasaki river

It’s no exaggeration to say that Mamigasaki river is the place to go for imoni parties in Yamagata City.


Unlike the sea, the water surface has almost no flow, so even those who are not confident can start with peace of mind.

This time, the VISIT YAMAGATA editorial department has infiltrated the SUP experience held in early September 2020 and interviewed staff.

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Meeting at Shakado lakeside open space

The meeting is on the riverbed near Shakado lakeside square.

There are no waves and the water surface is calm.
For beginners, the field and conditions are perfect.


Participants were already dressed to be able to SUP, but if necessary, the staff will set up a tent for changing clothes if required.


After meeting up and doing the paperwork, the instructor will teach you the basics such as precautions and how to use the paddle on land.

The instructor is Mr. Tanno (orange shirt) from Soukaitei.

The course was taught carefully so that even beginners could easily understand it.


After learning the basics, put on your life jacket and start the experience right away!


As I explained, SUP is an abbreviation of standup paddleboarding, which is a sport where the user stands on the board, but first starts from a sitting position.


There were many people who were new like us, but everyone started paddling well!


While sitting for a while, slide around the surface of the water, and once you get used to it, try standing on your knees!


The board did not shake greatly and paddling was done in a stable manner.

Cool in a shallow place

The water depth is shallow and you can walk near the headworks.


Under the waterfall, there is plenty of negative ion and it’s very cool ♪



When the participants have become accustomed to it, Mr. Tanno, an instructor, will give you tips and points as appropriate.


Go up to the land and take a break

Concentrating and using muscles I never do tired me so I returned to land and had a break.


During the break, Mr. Tanno provided drinks and dessert.

Cold drinks and sweets after exercising in the hot is irresistible (≧ ~ ≦)

Let's stand up!

Take a break to rest your body a little, charge your energy, and restart SUP!

Now that I’m used to paddle handling, it’s finally time to stand up on the board!


For everyone it was a terrifying challenge at first, but after a while the board was stable and I was standing and paddling.

Mr. Tanno also taught me how to turn, and everyone is free to take a walk in the water while practicing new techniques.

Then, suddenly, there was a loud splash sound from behind!

Looking back…


This is the real thrill of water sports (laughs)


As I mentioned, SUP is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone from children to the elderly, but Soukaitei accepts participants from the age of eight.
Certainly, there may be some difficulties for children smaller than that.

Under such circumstances, the two girls and a mom were watching on the sides how everyone experienced SUP in the river.

Then, Mr. Tanno took them for a ride on the water for a while.


Very satisfied SUP experience ♪

While doing so, the SUP experience of about 100 minutes was over.

It was a hot day with strong sunlight, but the SUP that cuts the wind over the water was so pleasant and fun that I couldn’t even feel the heat.


Message from the instructor

Finally, we received a message from Mr. Tanno, the representative of Soukaitei.


“You don’t have to swim!

From children to seniors, you can enjoy the experience.

We are also qualified for water rescue, so please feel free to join us. “

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Due to the temperature and water temperature, you can experience SUP in Mamigasaki from June to mid-November.

Why don’t you give it a try?

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[Activity fee]
3,980 yen (tax included) / person
* Board, paddle, life jacket rental fee included
Happening in case of light rain
* It may be canceled in case of heavy rain, strong wind, or lightning.

Venue ・ Holding time

Morning session: 9:30~11:30
Afternoon: 13:30~15:30

[Meeting venue]
Near the riverbed down the parking lot at Shakado Riverside Square

Detailed information

Shakado Riverside Square

Shakado Riverside Square

Basic information

[Minimum number of participants]
2 people
[Reservable number]
Up to 6 people
[Time required]
120 minutes (Experience time: 100 minutes)
May to mid-November
[Reservation deadline]
3 days before the event date

Clothes and belongings

Clothes that can get wet
* It is recommended to wear a hat if there is strong sunlight.
Sandals or marine shoes with fixed heels, worn-out sneakers, etc.
Set of clothes (if necessary) towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.
[Rental items]
SUP board, paddle, life jacket
* Included in the Activity fee
A tent for changing clothes is available


The water temperature may be low depending on the season.
Please contact us in advance regarding clothes.
[Pick up]
This is possible if you contact us in advance. Available from Yamagata Station and Kita-Yamagata Station.
Please inquire for other locations.

Detailed information

A new standard for water sports! Experience SUP at Yamagata City Mamigasaki river ♪

A new standard for water sports! Experience SUP at Yamagata City Mamigasaki river ♪

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