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[Zao Onsen Ski Resort] Lift & Ropeway Common Ticket (2022-2023)

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Information on the 2022-2023 winter season ski resort lift & ropeway common ticket fares at Zao Onsen.


Zao in Winter! Sightseeing info to enjoy the snow” ]

Recommended pointsRecommended points

There are days with discoounts!

Recommended points

◆ Ski Children's Day

◎January 14 (Sat.), 15 (Sun.), 28 (Sat.), 29 (Sun.)
◎February 11 (Sat.), 23 (Thu.)
◎March 11 ( Sat.), 12 (Sun.), 25 (Sat.), 26 (Sun.)
Children one-day ticket: 1,000 yen (children under elementary school age) * Can also be used for night time

Recommended points

◆Special discounts

Season opening
◎From the opening date to December 16 (Fri.), 2022

End season Final season
◎From April 1 (Sast.), 2023 to the closing date
Adult one-day ticket: 4,000 yen
Child one-day ticket: 2,000 yen

Basic information

[Zao Onsen Ski Resort] Lift & Ropeway Common Ticket (2022-2023)
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2022-2023 lift & ropeway common ticket price list

◆Regular season (December 17 to March 21)
one-day ticket:
Adult: 6,300 yen
Child: 3,200 yen *(2,500 yen from March 1 to March 31)
Senior/junior/high school students: 5,500 yen

two-day ticket:
Adult 12,400 yen
Child 6,200 yen *(5,000 yen from March 1 to March 31)
Senior/junior/high school students: 10,800 yen

◆ Season ticket
Adult: 68,000 yen
Child: 33,000 yen
Middle and high school students: 39,000 yen
Seniors and students: 63,000 yen

* “IC ticket deposit (500 yen)” is not required.

2022-2023 season lift/ropeway price list pdf.


Yamagata City People’s Welcome half price campaign

Application period
December 20 (Tue.), 2022 ~ Ends as soon as it is gone

Period of use
January 10 (Tue.) to 15 (Sun.), 2023

◎ Those who live in Yamagata City
◎ Those who attend university or vocational school in Yamagata City

-Campaign overview-
① Lift ticket (4-hour ticket) at half price
② Rental equipment (half day) discount coupon
・Ski, snowboard, wear set alone: 1,500 yen discount
・Ski set or snowboard set + wear set: 3,500 yen discount
③ Lesson (half day) discount coupon
・1,750 yen discount
*Discounts are not applicable for products other than the above.

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