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Zao Center Plaza Yu-Yu (Zao Onsen)

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    Outside of the shop

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    Open-air bath (men's bath)

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    Indoor bath (men's bath)

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    Shower space (women's bath)

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    Rest space

As its name implies, the ZAO Center Plaza is a facility located in the central area of Zao Onsen.

It is located on the main street of Zao Onsen (Juhyo-dori Street), and its symbol is a clock that reminds you of a school building.

This is a base for sightseeing in Zao Onsen that includes day-trip baths, restaurants, accommodation facilities, shops, etc.

The facilities can also be used for camps and seminars, making it ideal for student and company training.

Center Plaza Feature

Basic information

Shop name
ZAO Center Plaza Yu-yu (Zao Onsen)

903-2 Kawamae, Zao Onsen, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture


[By car]
About 30 minutes from Yamagata Zao IC
About 35 minutes from Yamagata Station

Parking lot

Usual: 6:00~21:30
* 9:00~10:00 is cleaning time

For the time being:​ ​10:00~21:00 (as of August 2020)​ ​
* Please contact the facility directly for details as it is subject to change.

Staying guests can access the baths 24 hours a day

Official site

Onsen information

Facility name
Zao Onsen
Source name
Uwanokawa Genyu
Water quality
Acidic / Sulfur-Containing-Aluminum
-Sulfate / chloride hot spring
Source temperature
66.7 ℃
Bath temperature
58.0 ℃
Added water
Only to adjust temperature
Overflow & filtration
The hot spring water is flowing freely from the source
No bath salts or disinfectants are used


Cuts, burns, chronic skin diseases, frail children, chronic women’s diseases, diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, neurosis, muscle pain, arthralgia, frozen shoulders, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, bruises, lottery, chronic digestive organs disease, hemorrhoids, coldness, post-illness recovery period, fatigue recovery, health promotion


People with skin or mucosal hypersensitivity, especially those with photosensitivity, xeroderma in the elderly, acute illness (especially when fever), active tuberculosis, malignant tumors, severe heart disease, respiratory failure, renal failure, Hemorrhagic disorders, severe anemia, and other commonly ongoing disorders, during pregnancy (especially early and late)


Adult: 600 yen (tax included)
Children: 400 yen (tax included)

[Private room rest area]
Adult: 1,620 yen
Children (4 to 12 years old): 1,300 yen (tax included)
* Bathing fee included

[Free rest area]
Available: 10:00~16:00
* Please note that it may not be available if camps or seminars are held.
* Not available during winter

・ 200 yen (sold at the hotel front desk)
・ Bath towel rental for 200 yen (at the hotel front desk)
* Other towels and items are sold at the shop.
Price depends on the product


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