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Hijiori Onsen

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Located at the foot of the sacred Mt. Gassan, Hijiori Onsen in Okura village is a hot spring area lined with charming inns.

The hot psring water here has long been considered good for healing broken bones and wounds, and has helped the area prosper as a hot spring resort.

At the famous morning market, which is held from the end of April to the end of November, you can find mountain vegetables, vegetables and fruits picked by locals, as well as homemade tsukemoto pickles and sasamaki bamboo-wrapped rice cakes.

Also, Hijiori is one of the areas with the heaviest snowfall in Japan and it often happers in the top snowfall rankings during winter.

You can come enjoy winter at a great price with special offers during winter that increase benefits with the increasing snowfall.

Please come and visit Hijiori Onsen, which is full of seasonal charm.


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Hijiori Rap

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Basic information

Hijiori Onsen

By car
About 55 minutes from JR Shinjo Station
About 120 minutes from Yamagata City
About 160 minutes from Sendai City
About 90 minutes from Shonai

Getting to Hijiori Onsen
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