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Kaminoyama Castle (Tsukioka Park)

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Kaminoyama Castle was once called “the famous castle of Ushu.” It has been revived as a local museum 290 years after it was demolished by the Shogunate.
2012 was the 30th anniversary of the opening of the museum, and the exhibition room on the first floor was renovated under the title of “Kaminoyama’s Four Seasons, History and Culture” to make the exhibition even more spectacular.
From the castle tower, you can enjoy a view of the traditional samurai houses and of the Zao mountain range and the hot spring area.

Basic information


3-7 Motojonai, Kaminoyama City


When using the Yamagata Shinkansen bullet train ● Tokyo → Fukushima → Kaminoyama Onsen Station → 12 minutes on foot, 3 minutes by taxi

Parking lot
Parking lot at Kaminoyama Castle for about 60 cars * There is a separate parking lot for large buses (please ask)

[Opening hours]
9:00~16:45 (last admission)
Every Thursday from April 2021 (the day before if it is a national holiday)
Year-end (December 293~1)

Fumigation period

* There are other closed days. Please see the Kaminoyama Castle homepage for details.

* Opening hours and regular holidays may have changed due to the effects of COVID-19 infectious disease.

For more information, please contact us directly

Official site

Kaminoyama’s special products are sold at the Kaminoyama castle shop “Kakashi Chaya”.
There is also Tanno Konnyaku’s konnyaku.
There is also a rest space, so feel free to drop by after visiting Kaminoyama Castle.


Admission fee:
Adult 420 yen
High school / university student: 370 yen
Elementary & junior high school students: 50 yen
〇 People with disabilities can enter from the back entrance. (Press the intercom.)
〇 Tow-type wheelchair auxiliary devices “JINRIKI” are available free of charge. Please contact the reception.
〇 There are strollers and wheelchairs for rent. Please contact the reception.
〇 Every Saturday, admission to Elementary & junior high school students is free.

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