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[Feature] Soba Shop Hiro! Classic Yamagata niku soba dish


Niku soba is a classic Yamagata dish. I went to the Soba Shop Hiro to try the chilled version.

Niku soba

A little before the main subject! What is niku-soba?
For those who don’t know, talk about niku-soba.
* (Hereafter, excerpt from the website of the Kahoku Cold niku-soba Study Group)

“Before the war, when I said” a little drink “in Kahoku,” at a soba shop “was the mainstream.
In fact, the only place to drink alcohol was the soba shop.

At that time, there were few types of menus, and most customers drank sake with boiled horse meat as a snack.
It seems that it was a style of closing with soba.

When I think of soba, I think of soba on a colander,
At that time, I put it in a bowl and served it to customers.

One day, when one customer tried to eat the remaining stewed horse meat over soba, it was unexpectedly delicious.
It is said that it has come to be ordered by familiar customers.
It’s about the time when it’s called the “popular back menu”.

This dish was born from the request of the customer.
It is a cold soup soba with chicken stock and soy sauce flavor.

Meat is not pork or beef, but chicken (parent bird).
It features a strong countryside soba that is as strong as the rich dashi stock.

On top of the soba, there is a simple and deep soba with a “parent bird” that has a crunchy texture and a “green onion” that is cut into small pieces.

It’s simple, but once you eat it, you’ll want to eat it again …
It is a taste of hometown that has been loved by the locals for a long time. “

I see, it was a back menu!

It originated in Kahoku Town, Yamagata Prefecture, about 40 minutes by car from Yamagata City.
I knew it was, but it was the horse meat that was on top in the first place!

Oh yeah, niku-soba juice is basically “cold”.
You can choose warm juice, but no matter how cold it is, it’s definitely! !!
Choose the cold one! !! Rather, warm soup is an evil way … (* It is an individual opinion)

Because the noodles will grow!
If you want to eat niku-soba, I want you to choose the cold one and eat it …!
Well, let’s get back to the main subject (laughs)

Very famous for niku-soba! Soba noodle shop "Hiro"


“Soba noodle shop Hiro” in Shima district in Yamagata city.
I myself am a favorite soba shop that I go to quite a lot!

It’s quite far from the nearest station, so if you don’t have a car, take a taxi or
We recommend that you rent a car.

It’s in an open place, so it’s easy to find!


The store is always busy,
There are many cars with numbers outside Naruto prefecture during the Golden Week holidays! It’s a popular store!

Now! !! niku-soba ...! ??

Of course I love soba! !! However,
Actually, I eat “niku-chuka” instead of “niku-soba” every time.

It ’s not soba but Chinese noodles, so
I will introduce both this time! (Laughs) Because both are delicious! !!


I ordered niku-chuka. However, I always get lost. .. ..


Of course, the senior at the company I went with ordered niku-soba.

If two people ask for different things, you can share! (Smile)

I always ask for ladies’ size,
Even ladies’ size will fill you up! !!

Hiro-san has a large amount in the first place.
I think that the normal size is quite satisfactory even for Male.
Check how hungry you are and place an order (laughs)

The price of a normal size niku-soba is 700 yen,
The ladies’ size will be 650 yen, which is a 50 yen discount.

Somewhat cheap! !! !! !! !!

With this volume, it’s delicious and this price … That’s right (laughs)

The recommendation is to order “gesoten” or “Mimi Nanten” together!
I always order gesoten together.

Not to mention the taste ...! !!


I want to eat every day …! !! !!
The slightly sweet soup stock worked, but it wasn’t too thick,
A delicious soup that makes you want to drink it all.

The soup is cold, so the noodles are chewy and delicious without stretching.
I can’t find any words other than delicious. ..

Of course, niku-soba is also delicious …! The noodles are a little thicker and have a satisfying taste!
And gesoten with a little blue seaweed in the batter! Crispy! Hot!


From beginning to end, delicious and delicious continuous calls.

Both soba and chuka soba are delicious from start to finish.
If possible, I really want to take this juice home and drink it every day.


as a side note
The taste of niku-soba and niku-chuka juice is slightly different!

After all, it seems that soba is suitable for soba, and Chinese noodles are suitable for chuka soba.
Both are delicious and I’m really in trouble. I wish I had a combination … (laughs)

It was full of stomach and heart! !! Thank you for the meal! !! !!


“Hiro” seems to be only soba during the Golden Week holidays, so
Please be careful if you want to eat niku-chuka!

store information

soba, ramen, tsukemen

11:00~15:00 & 17:00~20:00
11:00~20:00 on weekends and holidays

Wednesday, and when out of noodles

* Opening hours and days may be different due to COVID-19. Please inquire directly with the shop before visiting.

Nearest Stations
JR Aterazawa Line (Fruit Line Aterazawa Line) Higashi-Kanai Station: approximately 2.5 km
JR Ou Main Line (Yamagata Line: Fukushima-Shinjo) Uzen-Chitose Station: approximately 2.5 km

About 20 cars

There are table seats and tatami mat seats (all seats are non-smoking)

Recommended Items (introduced in this article)
・Niku soba (chilled or hot)… 700 yen
・Niku chuka (chilled or hot)… 700 yen
・Gesoten… 250 yen
・Miminanten (squid ears and cartilage tempura)… 350 yen

* Information as of November 2018

Detailed information

Soba noodle shop Hiro

Soba noodle shop Hiro

3-10-8 Shimakita, Yamagata City


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