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Yamagin Kenmin Hall Open House 2022

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Open House 2022 will be held at the Yamagin Kenmin Hall in Yamagata City.

There will be many events that children and adults can enjoy.

There is also a market and mini-concerts, animation screenings, and workshops, as well as craft artists.

Please enjoy.

Basic information

Event name
Yamagin Kenmin Hall Open House 2022
Date and time
March 27, 2022 (Sun.)
Yamagin Kenmin Hall

Futaba-cho, Yamagata City

Official site
Main menu

♬ Large Hall

◆ Orchestra Day
Greeting-Symphony played with 5 concertos and toys spun with Yamakyo members! ~
16:00 start (15:00 open)
[price ]
All seats reserved / General: 1,500 yen High school students and younger: 500 yen
* Open to elementary school students and older
[Ticket handling]
・ Yamagin Kenmin Hall Ticket Desk
Counter: Office on the 1st floor of the hall
☎ 023-664-2204
(10:00~19:00 excluding closed days)
・ Yamakyo ticket service
☎ 023-616-6607
(Monday ~ Friday * Excluding holidays 10:00~17:00)
・ There are other ticket agencies

◆ Workshops and mini concerts
Let’s play with the orchestra
(Free admission, no application required)
・ Conductor experience
・ Brass Trio 10:15~10:30
・ String Quintet 10:35~10:50
・ Stamp rally
・ Musical instrument museum
・ Backstage tour

♬ Studio 2 & Practice Room 3

◆ Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival (YIDFF) Screening + Parent-Child Workshop
・ Support for “Orchestra Day 2022”! Movie screening
Screening work “Gauche playing cello”
(Director: Isao Takahata / Produced in 1982/63 minutes / Japan)
Click here for details ▼
Gauche playing cello

・ The application for the YIDD Parent-Child Workshop has been closed because it has reached the capacity.

♬ Studio 1

◆ Japan Airlines booth
Origami Hikoki-like games, Boccia experiences, and other fun events will be held in the booth!
Free (no prior application required)

♬ Shared space A & B exhibitions

◆ Kizashi and Gaze Special Exhibition
A project that introduces the “Kizashi” of expressions by people with disabilities in Yamagata Prefecture, which started in 2018, and the “Gaze” that is close to the expressions.
Introducing works selected from the award-winning artists of the “Yamagata Art Works for the Disabled” exhibition from 2019 to 2021.
March 19 (Sat.) ~ 27 (Sun.)

♬ Event Square B

◆ Jacob Koller Light Tiger Piano Concert
① 9:30~10:00
② 15:00~15:30
Free (no prior application required)

[Held on the same day]
◆ City Live Piano Concert
A concert on a street piano specially installed at Nanokamachi Gotenzeki will be held!
Detailed time, etc. will be announced on the website

♬ Shared space A

◆ Yamagata Prefectural Yamagata Chuo High School production
Yamagata-based Settlers of Catan!
Based on the Settlers of Catan board game, Yamagata Chuo High School students created regional versions of the game.
Please enjoy the Nanokamachi version and Zao Onsen version.
① 10:00~12:00
② 14:00~16:00
24 people each time
Free (advance application required)
* Participation is possible on the day only if there is a vacancy
Please access the QR code from Instagram or Twitter before applying.
Please see the official website for the QR code
* Registration starts from March 1st (Tuesday)

♬ Practice room 1

◆ Welcome to the world of stories
Let’s enjoy hand play together! Lots of fun stories using apron theaters, large picture books, and large picture-story shows!
[Target age]
3 to 6 years old
20 people
① 10:00~10:20
② 10:40~11:00
③ 11:20~11:40
Free (reception on the day, first-come-first-served basis)

♬ Practice room 2

◆ Exciting! Woodworking experience meeting
Let’s make your own wooden chopsticks and sachets from the prefecture!
・ Making chopsticks (target: parent and child)

① 10:00~11:30 Capacity: 6 pairs
② 11:30~13:00 Capacity: 6 pairs
・ Making a sachet (smell bag) of Kuro-moji

Capacity 50 people at any time
Both activities are free (reception on the day, first-come-first-served basis)

♬ 1st floor lobby

◆ Lobby relay concert
A relay concert by Yamagata University students will be held in the lobby, which is studded with Yamagata’s proud technology and tradition.
Please feel free to enjoy it.
Free (unreserved seats, no prior application required)

♬ 1st floor outdoor piloti

◆ Workshop ①
Stone Koroman 〇 Canvas
Yamagin Kenmin Hall annual project!
Let’s draw a picture on the stones of the Kenmin Hall and make it an art work that colors it!
10:00~16:00 (No reservation required in advance)

◆ Workshop ②
Making original can badges
Let’s make an original can badge for Yamagin Kenmin Hall!
It is a workshop that you can freely participate in.
10:00~16:00 (No reservation required in advance)

♬ Event Square A-2

◆ Machinaka Craft
vol.12 2022 Spring
Exhibition and sale of creations of 29 craft artists, handicraft artists, and craftsmen.

Detailed information


♬ Event Square A-1

◆ Blue sky kitchen
Let’s enjoy various kitchen cars and shops opening to sell food!


♪ Shop

◆ JAL Collaboration Fair
“Our Favorite Souvenir Select Corner” will be held to display and sell 10 Yamagata products such as wine and sweets selected by the JAL flight attendants “Furusato Cheer Squad” related to Yamagata!
March 4 (Fri.) ~ 27 (Sun.)

♪ Restaurant

◆ JAL Collaboration Fair
JAL Furusato Ambassador has planned a collaboration menu with Al-che-cciano Concert.
The name is “Yogurt cream soda tailoring-TAKE OFF !!!”.
It is a dish in which you can enjoy the excitement of traveling to the sky using La France pear from Yamagata prefecture.
March 4 (Fri.) ~ 27 (Sun.)
11:30~15:00 (last order at 14:00)
17:00~21:00 (last order at 20:00)
Offering course menus other than lunch set to customers
* Offer conditions on days other than March 4 and March 27 are different

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