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Bishuken Yamagata Fair [2022]

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The Bishuken Yamagata fair is a fair held to put on display Yamagata, the number prefecture for the most delicious sake.

The fair will be held at a special venue (outdoor) in front of Yamagin Kenmin Hall.

In addition to products of the 47 sake breweries and 16 wineries found in Yamagata Prefecture, the lineup includes whiskey, shochu, and craft beers too.

Delicious food stalls such as Yamagata specialty imoni and beef steak will gather to accompany the delicious drinks.

It is a luxurious event where Yamagata’s delicious sake gathers together.

Recommended pointsRecommended points

Recommended points

Fair-limited Special Edition sake lottery sale

~ Limited plan for ticket purchasers ~
Takagi Sake Brewery's Asahidka Junmai Daiginjo: 3,000 yen / bottle
Kamenoi Sake Brewery Kudoki Jozu Junmai Daiginjo: 2,000 yen / bottle

Basic information

Event name
Bishuken Yamagata Fair [2022]
Date and time
September 23 (Fri.) and 24 (Sat.), 2022
Special venue in front of Yamagin Kenmin Hall (outdoor)

1-2-38 Futabacho, Yamagata City


September 23 (Fri.) and 24 (Sat.), 2022

Part 1: 10:00~13:00 (stop serving at 12:30)
Part 2: 14:00~17:00 (stop serving at 16:30)
* On both days, the maximum number of people per session will be 1,500, and the venue will be disinfected during the replacement time.

Special venue in front of Yamagin Kenmin Hall (outdoor)

Ticket sales
Advance ticket: 2,500 yen (tax included)
Same-day ticket: 3,000 yen (tax included)
(both include 10 coupons + Yawaragi water)

Refill ticket (sold on the day): 1,000 yen (tax included)
(5 coupons)

◎ Pour about 40ml per cup as a guide
◎ Depending on the grade of sake and wine, 1 to 3 coupons are required for each cup
◎ Since the number of samples is limited, the offer may be discontinued as soon as it runs out.
*Tickets are required to enter (those who do not drink alcohol (drivers and children) can exchange the ticket for non-alcoholic drinks and food.

Official site
Main menu

🍶 List of shops
List of stores

Sake Brewery: 47
Wineries: 16

Food Booth
Items scheduld to be available:
・Non-alcoholic beverage
・Beef steak
・Yamagata chicken
・Simmered potato
・Simmered beef tendon
・Beef skewers
・tama konnyaku (konjac balls)
・Shrimp wonton etc.

A Gathering of Brewers
Date: September 23 (Fri.) & 24 (Sat.)
The person in charge of sake brewing in the prefecture will visit restaurants in the city and give a talk.
A special fan meeting where you can hear the live voices of the producers

Various prefectural sake sales booths
・Challenge wine
・Craft beer
※Cash sales


~ How to enjoy the event ~
① Please bring your advance ticket (same-day ticket) to the venue reception
② In exchange for the ticket at the reception, you will receive coupons, a Yawaragi water bottle, a wristband for entry, and a tray
③ Please go around each booth and choose a tasting drink
④ Move to eating & resting area
⑤Enjoy your drinks and food


Bishuken Yamagata Fair Committee
(Yamagata Prefectural Industry and Labor Department Prefectural Product Distribution Strategy Division)
☎ 023-630-3316

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