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Mamurogawa Plum Festival

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This year is the 50th edition of the Mamurogawa Plum Festival.

Starting with the 33rd Ume-no-Sato Marathon, which will be held for the first time in four years, many people will come to enjoy the stalls and food trucks selling local delicacies, as well as a dream co-starring of local characters.

As a campaign to commemorate the completion of the Mamurogawa Park playground equipment, Babahera ice cream will be offered to the first 50 people to visit. (April 29 (Sat.) to May 3 (Wed.)

Please enjoy Mamurogawa Town in spring.

Recommended pointsRecommended points

Recommended points

Kimura Kayo

9:00: Ume-no-sato marathon start
11:15 & 12:30: Rock-paper-scissors competition with Mr. Kimura
(Curry meal present for the winner) * Scheduled time may change

Basic information

Event name
Mamurogawa Plum Festival
Date and time
May 3 (Wed.), 2023
Mamurogawa Park

1125-13 Kinoshita, Mamurogawa Town


~Event Schedule~
7:15 Umenosato marathon start accepting runners
9:00 Shop opening
Umenosato marathon starts
11:00 Service and emergency vehicles display start
11:40 Mamurogawa Ondorin dance
12:00 Plum Festival Opening Ceremony
12:50 Anrakujo Nursery School Chibikko☆Dance
13:10 We Sports Club Shinjo dance performance
13:40 Future Creator Yumerion Stage Show
14:10 Mamurogawa Junior High School brass band performance
14:40 Performance by the Shinjo Wind Orchestra
15:30 End

Main menu

◆ Ume Yatai Village & Product Market
● Sister city Koga specialty store (Koga specialty products, etc.)
● Agara Splay Mamurogawa (mountain vegetables, bamboo grass, etc.)
● Onuma beekeeping (honey, motsuni, rice with maitake mushrooms, etc.)
● Dream House (sweets)
● Nozaki Reikaten (ice cream)
● Mogami Northern Commerce and Industry Youth Club Mamurogawa Branch (beer, yakitori, shaved ice, etc.)
● Snow Ohagi Fuka (ohagi)
● Let’s spread the circle Mamuro Committee (children’s goods bazaar)
● Yamagata Forest Management Office Mogami Branch (experience making a birdhouse)

Kkitchen cars
● Akiba Farmers Group (beef skewers, sausages, etc.)
● Green store (fruit sandwich)
● Home-roasted coffee Higurashi (coffee)
● Curry House CoCo Ichibanya (curry rice)
● Lapan (tapioca, fruit tea, yangnyeom chicken, etc.)


✤ A dream collaboration with local characters!
✤ Cars and Trucks!
✤ The 33rd Umenosato Marathon


Mamurogawa Plum Festival Executive committee office
☎ 0233-62-2050

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