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[Feature] Beni-no-Kura! Soba shop Benisansui


The long-standing self-isolation period has finally come to an end.

The bright green trees swayed comfortably, and you could feel the arrival of early summer.

Many people are enthusiastic about going out to eat.

However, I am still worried about going out of the prefecture.

In such time why not rediscover the charms of the famous spots and shops in the area where you live.

This time I will introduce the Benisansui soba shop within Beni-no-Kura.

◆Soba & Local Cuisine Benisansui


Benisansui was open in 2009 as a shop that serves soba noodles and regional cuisine.

The red noren banner with a safflower mark indicates the entrance of Benisansui.


Inside the shop there are tables with chairs and seats that surround the traditional sunken hearth.
Currently, the seats are arranged at a distance as COVID-19 preventive measures.

In addition, seasonal flowers and plants are displayed on the veranda so that you can enjoy it both from the inside and outside.


By the way, there are two entrances to Beni-no-Kura.
The photo above shows the west entrance.
If you enter from this entrance along the west side main street, you can see a wonderful garden full of greenery, so please enjoy it after your meal.

◆ That celebrity also visited! The tatami room warehouse is worth a look


The storehouse was built 130 years ago.
At that time, following damage caused by a great fire that occurred in the south part of the city, the storehouse was built to last.

The beams on the ceiling are very impressive, and the venue can be used for banquets, ceremonies or memorial services for up to 30 people.
Mr. Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic, once visited the place.

There are also gorgeous uchikake (hanging kimono) that were brought in by bribes through marriage, so it’s worth a look.

◆ Carefully selected buckwheat flour! 100% buckwheat soba noodles

And on this day, I had the juwari soba (100% buckwheat), seasonal tempura, and the chilled niku-soba.


The shop uses a blend of Yamagata-grown soba flour Mogamiwase and Dewa Kaori. Since 100% buckwheat flour is used, the soba noodles are chewy with a fragrance.

Each individual noodle is thick and has a firm texture, excellent for a great meal.

And I want to pay attention to soba dipping sauce.

Because it uses genuine bonito flakes, it has a light taste that enhances the one of the soba noodles.


Also chilled niku-soba is perfect for the coming season.
It is said that it originated from Kahoku Town in Yamagata Prefecture, and it is now a synonym for Yamagata’s summer as well as chilled ramen.

These are simple buckwheat noodles with toppings of chicken (full grown) and leeks, but the umami of chicken that melts in soup and the spiciness of spicy leeks are likely to be absorbed even in hot summer when we tend to have less appetite. It’s delicious.

The classic ichimi and shichimi seasonings are good, but please try the green chili pepper “Yamamba Piriri” seasoning set on each table.


Seasonal vegetables are used abundantly in tempura.
In the spring, mountain vegetables, and in the early summer, mizunoha and zucchini are on the menu.

◆ Surprisingly cheap new menu to support citizens of the prefecture


In addition, a new menu started on June 2, 2020 to support the citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was just 567 yen! I am surprised at the cheapness.

Noodles made with Yukichikara flour produced in the prefecture are firm and elastic, their smooth texture perfect for the coming season.

There is no doubt you will be able to survive the hot summer if you eat this.

By the way, Benisansui has started a popular takeout service too.

The lineup includes a variety of flavors such as the soba mekoro croquette which is kneaded with soba, and the tendon rice bowl with tempura.

Recommended for those who want to enjoy their time at home.

Detailed information

[TAKEOUT] Soba shop Benisansui (Beni-no-kura)

[TAKEOUT] Soba shop Benisansui (Beni-no-kura)

Click here for Benisansui takeout information

The dishes and buckwheat noodles that incorporate seasonal ingredients, which you will enjoy in a warehouse full of historical romance, are truly exceptional.

Please try soba in Yamagata at least once.

Beni-no-Kura! Everything to know

Detailed information

Benisansui (Beni-no-Kura)

Benisansui (Beni-no-Kura)

2-1-8 Tokamachi, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture


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