Yamagata Prefecture is a "hot spring heaven" with hot springs in all municipalities.
With hot spring towns to stay for the night, day trip hot springs facilities and open air baths surrounded by nature, hot spring lovers will have plenty of choice!
Camping facilities to feel the nature are also inviting, from stay-in cottages to bungalows and tents.
From the mountains to the sea and the lakeside, you can spend great time in nature.
What style would you like to enjoy this time?

Hot springs


Zao Onsen

Hot springs! The smell of sulfur, the hot summer cool air, the skin beautifying water for after-ski - Zao Onsen is one of Japan's oldest hot spring with a history of 1900 years.
A summer spot away from the heat, a hot spring resort in nature and as a ski resort, it is a welcoming place for everyone with charms in all seasons.


Kaminoyama Onsen

The Kaminoyama Castle town, a post town on the Ushu Kaido road, Kaminoyama Onsen is a hot spring town that is also one of Japan's leading wine grape producers.
There are many choices from long-established inns to modern inns, large hotels to small pensions, all with most satisfactory service. Located at the foot of Mt. Zao, it can be used regardless of the season as a base for activities such as fruit picking and skiing.


Tendo Onsen

If you want a drink or are interested in shogi chess or cherry picking, Tendo Onsen located in the city of Tendo, can cover all that.
For celebration parties or year-end parties, this is a hot spring town that continues to develop as a venue for gatherings of local residents of Yamagata and also as a lodging base for sightseeing in the prefecture.


Ginzan Onsen

Ginzan Onsen is a traditional town where you can feel the nostalgia of the Taisho Roman era.
The multi-layered wooden inn buildings built in the Taisho to the early Showa eras lined up on both banks of the Ginzan river, a this tributary of the Mogami river. The townscape illuminated by gas lamps quite an impressive sight, and you can feel the richness of the seasons through expressions of fresh greenery, autumn leaves or snow scenes.


Akayu Onsen

Akayu Onsen, a hot spring area beloved by Uesugi Yozan.
There are four wineries near this historic hot spring town. You can see everything in one day and enjoy tasting in each winery. In the old days, it flourished as a flower district, and there are still many restaurants like izakaya pubs, ramen shops, and snack bars filled with locals and guests dressed in yukata and geta.


Atsumi Onsen

If you want abundant hot water, excellent spring quality, and fresh seafood, Atsumi Onsen is close to the Sea of Japan.
It has been mentioned by Matsuo Basho and other poets and authors. The morning market is lined with a wide variety of items, from agricultural products such as Atsumi's specialty of pickled red turnips to processed fishery products and special weaves. It is also a great place to enjoy conversations with locals.

Camp site


Shonai Sunset Hill Campground

Come here if you want to enjoy both camping and swimming.
Moreover, because it is in a 60.7 hectare buffered green area that surrounds Shonai Airport, you can enjoy watching planes taking off and landing along with nature.
Located on a small hill in the Shonai Sand Dunes with Mt. Chokai to the north, the sacred Three Mounts of Dewa to the south, the vast Shonai plain to the east and the Sea of Japan to the west you can say it is a place with a good view.


Gassan Asahi Sunture Park

Also known as "Starry sky hotel", it is a popular campsite to watch the sky full of stars.
In the lush green campground spreading 5,000 ha of ancient beech forest, you can enjoy a variety of experiences such as Iwana fish grabbing and bread baking, or crafts and others to enjoy a fulfilling camp.


Tendo Kogen Campground

It is a popular spot where summer it is a campground and in winter a ski resort.
In addition to free rental of frisbee, soccer ball and beach ball, rental items such as summer sled, outdoor tarp, nagashi-somen kit, drum bathtub set, etc. are also available.
Various seasonal programs are also popular, such as mountain climbing, mountain vegetable picking, astronomical observation and autumn moon appreciation.




Business hotels and city hotels are located in front of each station and around the city area. In addition, there are a few lodges, inns and pensions, and some guest houses too.
You will surely find the best accommodation for the style and budget of your trip.